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    Waymark Tech AI tool identifies crossover between financial regulations


    Waymark Technology, a provider of regulatory intelligence software headquartered in London, announced the launch of a new AI-powered tool that automatically identifies regulatory crossovers and conflicts between incoming EU regulations.

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    CCO Checkup helps financial firms test AML program effectiveness


    QuantaVerse recently announced the launch of CCO Checkup, a free service financial institutions can use to test the effectiveness of their AML programs, empowered by QuantaVerse’s AI solution that analyzes transaction data to detect “false negatives” or anomalous behaviors that may have been missed by an institution’s existing transaction ...

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    NICE Actimize launches AI tool to improve investigation efficiency


    NICE Actimize has launched NICE Actimize Robotic Process Automation, a sophisticated technology that frees up investigators from low value, high volume manual tasks so that they may better focus on more important and strategic tasks.

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    Hearsay launches next-generation compliance platform


    Hearsay, provider of Advisor Cloud solutions for the financial services and insurance industries, has introduced the next generation of its enterprise compliance platform, which applies predictive technology to reduce false alerts and help compliance teams focus on activities that pose the highest risk, while increasing security coverage and control.

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    Compliance monitoring and artificial intelligence


    As compliance programs must deal with growing amounts of data, they need tools to help separate true risks from background noise. Jose Tabuena examines.