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  • Cuomo

    New York legislation requires ‘Women on Corporate Boards Study’


    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation requiring a study to be conducted on the number of women directors who serve on each board of directors of domestic and foreign companies authorized to do business in New York.

  • Tightrope

    Top 10 risks to keep executives on their toes in 2020


    A new study from Protiviti and North Carolina State University not only highlights those risks companies should keep an eye on in the coming year—it also prompts leadership to explore whether or not they’re taking enough risks.

  • Article

    Applied Materials appoints new board member


    Applied Materials has appointed Yvonne McGill, currently chief financial officer and senior vice president of the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, to serve on its board of directors.

  • prescriptionpillbottle

    Opioid crisis sparks leadership changes at Purdue Pharma


    In an attempt to distance itself from the opioid epedemic, Purdue Pharma recently made some leadership changes to its board of directors and executive committee, as it battles hundreds of lawsuits across the United States concerning opioid-related deceptive sales and marketing practices that are the focus of U.S. enforcement authorities.

  • Blog

    Implementing and maintaining a successful compliance program


    There are three key areas that can help boards of directors to establish and maintain an effective compliance program—structure, culture, and risk management.

  • Blog

    New guide offers blueprint for successful virtual shareholder meetings


    The Virtual Annual Shareowner Meetings Study Group—comprised of 17 executives representing institutional investors, public companies, and proxy and legal service providers—has released a report that identifies best practices to consider when managing virtual meetings.

  • Blog

    CAQ arms directors with cyber risk roadmap


    To stoke more board inquiry on cyber-security, the CAQ has published a primer on questions that  management and external auditors should be ready to answer.

  • Blog

    The role of boards is to ‘put sand in the shoes of management’


    One of the ongoing questions from members of boards of directors is how to resolve the tension between oversight and managing. An excellent starting point to understanding this role is to consider the metaphor, “put sand in the shoes of management.”

  • Blog

    Board’s prudent discharge of compliance obligations


    A look at how board members might want to enhance their prudent discharge to shareholders in regard to the FCPA, as the SEC and Justice Department could be giving it their full attention.

  • Blog

    OIG guidance for boards on compliance


    It turns out that 2015 guidance from the OIG provides an excellent roadmap in today’s world for how companies can structure a compliance committee for their board and for the board’s obligations.

  • Article

    How board members can prepare for a #MeToo moment


    The PwC 2017 Annual Corporate Directors Survey highlights some key risks and opportunities for how boards might survive their own Weinstein moment, should one ever arise.

  • Article

    A double whammy for the cosy club


    Directors in the United States and United Kingdom are facing increasingly divergent realities when it comes to regulatory accountability. And that gap is only growing.

  • Article

    Wells Fargo scores a pyrrhic victory amid shareholder revolt


    Despite controversy before and during its annual meeting, shareholders reelected all of Wells Fargo’s directors. But trouble still lies ahead for the post-scandal banking giant.

  • Blog

    Ten simple ways to manage risk … or not


    When it comes to risk management, know how to spot the difference between programs that look good and programs that work, says Richard Steinberg.

  • Article

    Navigating the risks of individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing


    How can directors and officers better protect themselves and their organizations in a post-Yates Memo era of accountability? Kevin Hyams has some answers.

  • Blog

    Former CalPERS CEO gets four years in prison


    A California federal judge yesterday sentenced the former chief executive officer of the California Public Employees Retirement System to four years and six months in prison for engaging in a bribery and corruption scheme.

  • Blog

    Seven myths of boards of directors—part II


    Last month, Rick Steinberg looked at myths around corporate governance, including accusations levied by some institutional investors and others. Here he looks at more such myths, with analysis and insight into which claims are on point—and which are not—along with how some accusers appear to be seeking to serve their ...

  • Blog

    Telenor offers lessons on joint ventures


    A report published last month by Deloitte details how Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor handled its 33 percent ownership in VimpelCom. Although the report did not find any evidence that employees engaged in corrupt activity, it did uncover several internal weaknesses in Telenor. Jaclyn Jaeger looks at lessons learned.

  • UnicornCrosshairs

    Bleeding out: Theranos oozes with corporate governance lessons


    A year ago, Theranos was a Silicon Valley health tech “unicorn” praised for breakthrough advancements in blood testing. Now it’s under civil and criminal investigation for defrauding investors. The role Theranos’ board has played in this is already shaping up to be a pointed object lesson for board best practices ...

  • Blog

    Seven myths of boards of directors


    Various myths surround corporate governance, especially when it comes to the accusations levied by institutional investors and others on the governance scene. CW columnist Rick Steinberg examines three such myths in the first of a two-part series, as he addresses to what degree accusers are seeking to hold boards to ...