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    Accountants tally Brexit effect in financial statements


    To prepare for Brexit, companies need to consider how they might be exposed to new risks, assuring they are reflected in accounting and financial reporting. Tammy Whitehouse analyzes a new PwC report that discusses what near- and long-term issues companies can expect.

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    Brexit uncertainty forcing review of supply chains


    Jaclyn Jaeger looks at the results of a recent survey from the Institute of Supply Chain Management to answer whether supply chain executives fear Brexit will have a negative financial effect on their companies.

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    Post-Brexit, is the sky falling in the U.K., or is it business as usual?


    A mix of positive and negative indicators signal an uncertain economic impact for the U.K. from its June 23 Brexit vote, but the longer-term view still trends negative. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    Sports Direct is a Victorian workhouse or a gulag, not a warehouse


    A case of shocking workplace conditions within a European Union-era United Kingdom raises an unsettling question, says Paul Hodgson: Once Brexit occurs, will cases like this become more likely?

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    Change to U.K. CEO pay or regulation seen as inevitable


    As experts examine what really drove the Brexit-empowering “leave” vote, a recent PwC report shows that widespread dissatisfaction with what is seen as excessively high levels of top executive pay in the U.K. is an issue larger than the Brexit itself. It pinpoints something companies can address on their own...or ...

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    Theresa May’s post-Brexit, Euro-style governance reforms


    Out of the post-Brexit chaos, Home Secretary Theresa May is poised to become the new U.K. Prime Minister. She supported Remain, but stands by Brexit, so where will she steer the ship? Her first speech gives some indicators, and Brexiters might not like the sound of them. Paul Hodgson has ...

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    Brexited: what lies ahead for the United Kingdom


    The fallout continues after the United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union. As the reality of it sets in, Paul Hodgson looks at what Brexit will mean for the U.K. financial markets, political landscape, and compliance needs.

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    Brexit: ‘Don’t leave me this way’


    “Don’t leave me this way,” screams a headline from Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad. The Netherlands fears Britain’s exit will be bad for its reputation. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    FRC: What investors should expect in company records


    Stephen Haddrill, chief executive of the U.K.’s Financial Reporting Council, wrote a letter to investors highlighting recent changes to companies’ annual reports and advising investors on what to expect in the coming crop. The report is “intended to be an important source of forward-looking information about strategy and risk,” he ...