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    Hidden ownership in high-end real estate


    Title: OCEG: Hidden ownershipThis latest installment of the Compliance Week/OCEG GRC Illustrated series explores how fraudsters are using high-end real estate to launder money.

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    Creating a culture open to change


    In this latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series, OCEG and Compliance Week explore ways to help companies combat resistance to a change in corporate culture.

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    The Never-Ending Story


    In the latest installment of the Compliance Week / OCEG GRC Illustrated Series, we explore the importance of following up on third-party evaluations.

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    Taking time to think – the biggest challenge


    The latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series from Compliance Week and OCEG examines how cognitive, artificial intelligence systems can help make a chief compliance officer’s job easier and get the job done faster.

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    Addressing third-party information security risks in 2017


    The latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series from Compliance Week and OCEG discusses ways to circumvent a cyber-breach via third-party risk management.

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    Reckless Regulatory Change Management


    This latest edition of the GRC Illustrated Series from Compliance Week and OCEG explores how companies should identify and respond to regulatory requirements in light of technological advances in today’s world.

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    SOX redux—an opportunity for a fresh look


    In this edition of the Compliance Week/OCEG GRC Illustrated Series, we take a look at new technology that can streamline SOX processes and give insight into risk to drive better business outcomes.

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    Workforce compliance in the gig economy


    Today’s organizations are using contingent workers on a greater scale than ever before. Known as a “gig economy,” this task-based approach to work has added benefits, such as being a cost saver, bringing unique skills to the workforce, and more, but it also means additional risk. This edition of the ...

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    Accelerating the evolution of GRC


    The most recent edition of the CW, OCEG GRC Illustrated series looks at three key accelerators that are now driving the velocity of evolution in GRC capabilities. Every organization can benefit from improvements brought about by these accelerators, says OCEG’s Carole Switzer, who has further details.

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    The ABCs of GRC


    The latest edition of the GRC Illustrated edition, sponsored by Compliance Week and OCEG, looks at the ABCs of GRC: Aware, Bespoke, and Confident. Together these three offer the opportunity for greater success that most organizations have failed to grasp, at least up until now.

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    Take the Conflict of Interest Challenge


    Conflicts of interest have become a big risk area for companies of all sizes, in all industries and any country. Just try spending an hour on the Web, and you’ll find several examples of COI causing financial losses for companies or their customers, questionable outcomes in scientific and medical research, ...

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    Let’s Change the Way We Talk About Controls


    This month’s edition of the GRC Illustrated Series from Compliance Week and OCEG discusses how to address threats to the company while recognizing opportunities.  Inside, learn about the integrated approach to an internal control environment that uses proactive, detective, and responsive management actions and controls to achieve principled performance.

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    Aligning the Organization for Principled Performance


    Management must align objectives to the organizations’s business environment and internal culture, but what does alignment really mean? In this latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series, brought to you by Compliance Week and OCEG, experts discuss alignment in the context of GRC and keeping the company on the right ...

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    Learning Lessons for Principled Performance


    Image: In the latest installment of the GRC Illustrated series, OCEG outlines the “learn” component in its GRC Capability Model, where companies learn how to observe change, analyze, update strategies, and respond appropriately to any curveballs thrown their way to achieve principled performance.

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    Running in Place or Winning the New Race?


    Image: Our GRC Illustrated series returns this week, looking at how compliance programs can keep pace with new ways of communicating within business and with the new employees who use them. That will mean addressing multiple audiences through multiple channels, and it will pose new challenges for policy management, training, ...

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    You Are the Weakest Link


    We talk a lot today about the growing complexity of supply chains in the global economy.

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    Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


    Paul Anka crooned, “Breaking up is hard to do” as he begged his love not to leave him in one of his most famous songs, but alas, we all know that relationships often come to an end.

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    A Strategic Approach to Conduct Risk


    As we all know, ill-advised risk tak­ing in the financial sector led the industry to the brink of collapse in recent years. Not only that, but sales schemes driven by inappropriate incen­tive plans and outlandish short-term ob­jectives caused many consumers to suffer severe financial consequences and lose trust in the ...

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    True Detective—Lessons in Removing the Mask


    A couple of weeks ago, I spent seven hours in a marathon session watching HBO's new series, True Detective, in anticipation of the final installment. And, I must confess, this was the third time I viewed the episodes, trying to piece together more information that might let me see the ...

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    Business Agility Across the Extended Enterprise


    No company is an island. Organi­zations are a complex and diverse system of processes and business relationships. Risk and compliance chal­lenges do not stop at traditional organiza­tional boundaries. Organizations struggle to identify, manage, and govern extended business relationships. The challenge is: “Can you attest that risk and compliance are managed ...

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