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  • CashFlowExecutive

    Change to U.K. CEO pay or regulation seen as inevitable


    As experts examine what really drove the Brexit-empowering “leave” vote, a recent PwC report shows that widespread dissatisfaction with what is seen as excessively high levels of top executive pay in the U.K. is an issue larger than the Brexit itself. It pinpoints something companies can address on their own...or ...

  • Ghosn

    French nay on pay-cut


    The controversy over Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn’s (pictured above) 2015 €7.2 million remuneration likely sparked revisions to France’s rules on compensation—including making say-on-pay mandatory and strengthening transparency rules. But so far, says Global Glimpses writer Paul Hodgson, Renault has no plans to change Ghosn’s compensation.