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    FASB cloud computing cost standard to soon take effect


    An updated cloud computing standard from the Financial Accounting Standards Board will clarify expenses associated with Web hosting arrangements for cloud computing.

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    SEC selects Casepoint for cloud-based eDiscovery pilot


    Casepoint announced the Securities and Exchange Commission has selected it for a cloud-based electronic discovery system.

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    FASB gives final word on how to account for cloud costs


    Unraveling an accounting simplification, companies are returning to an older way to account for software costs associated with certain cloud computing arrangements.

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    FASB updates guidance on cloud computing costs


    Companies now have new guidance on how to account for the costs of implementing certain cloud computing service arrangements.

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    EITF recommends asset treatment for some cloud costs


    FASB’s Emerging Issues Task Force has arrived at conclusions about how companies should account for certain cloud computing arrangement costs.

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    FASB fixes financial instruments, proposes fix to cloud costs


    FASB has finalized some technical corrections to its standard on financial statements and proposed new guidance on accounting for certain cloud computing costs.

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    5 questions to ask about cloud security implications


    As firms increasingly turn to cloud computing and data storage, compliance officers need to understand the particular risks that come with using this kind of technology.

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    NICE Actimize launches AML cloud solution


    NICE Actimize, a NICE Systems business and provider of financial crime, risk and compliance software for the financial services industry, announced the launch of its Actimize AML Essentials Anti-Money Laundering Cloud solution, providing end-to-end packaged AML compliance capabilities designed specifically for the unique needs of mid-sized financial institutions.

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    Cloud Security Is a Challenge for Users and Providers


    As more cloud storage providers evolve from consumer-based products to enterprise-grade services, compliance challenges are evolving along with them. Before entering into a service contract, companies must determine whether their data will be safe and all is in compliance with a growing list of regulations and security frameworks. The added ...

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    Consequences for Cloud Computing Accounting Start to Roll In


    Image: Companies applying new guidance on accounting for cloud computing fees are finding the guidance is not so simple, and doesn’t always provide a sunny outcome on the financial statement, either. Prepare for detailed reviews of your contract, and possibly changes to key metrics and disclosures. “If someone thinks this ...

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    Rule Change to Ease Export Controls in the Cloud


    Image: Good news: U.S. export control regulations may finally be catching up to modern cloud computing technology, with new rules to focus on keeping sensitive data secure rather than on where the data is stored. Defense and tech companies are likely to be beneficiaries, as they could now use cloud ...