Casepoint, a cloud-based legal technology solutions provider, announced the Securities and Exchange Commission has selected it for a cloud-based electronic discovery system.

With goals to reduce costs, improve access to analytics tools, and drive greater workflow efficiencies, the SEC chose Casepoint Government to help achieve these outcomes and meet its technical requirements. Casepoint Government is a specially configured version of Casepoint’s eDiscovery software, which was built to meet the unique needs of both government customers as well as stringent security requirements.

“We are honored that the SEC has selected Casepoint Government as its technology of choice for this important program to bring its eDiscovery process to the cloud,” said Amy Hilbert, vice president of public sector at Casepoint. “We understand the magnitude of the demands on the SEC. Our technology has been carefully built over many years to meet or exceed the agency’s needs through our scalable platform, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics.”

The SEC selected Casepoint after undergoing a rigorous multi-step evaluation process. The SEC’s evaluation factors included assessing software features and functionality, cyber-security, management and key personnel, past performance, and a competitive proof-of-concept process, Casepoint said.

The SEC receives approximately 3,500 new productions, totaling nearly 10 terabytes after processing, each month. The SEC’s existing eDiscovery systems contain almost one petabyte of data across 7,300 cases and must support 600 users in its Washington D.C. headquarters and 1,200 additional users across its 11 regional offices nationwide.

“Our software is the culmination of over 11 years of thoughtful design and rigorous software development that has also been informed by the needs of our current and past customers,” said Casepoint’s co-founder and chief technology officer Vishal Rajpara. “Our software’s excellence is matched by our exceptionally talented client service delivery team. We are excited to partner with the SEC to meet their goals and support their overall mission to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.”

Casepoint’s technology features blazing-fast, enterprise-class tools for full-spectrum eDiscovery, including cloud collections, data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, full-strength review, and customizable productions. Casepoint supports workflows across millions of documents, multiple terabytes of data, thousands of legal matters, and unlimited numbers of users.