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    Where is your backup?


    A power outage at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport is a reminder to us all that having backup systems in place is essential to good business.

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    Overcoming culture dissonance in compliance


    A look at how chief compliance officers can operationalize compliance to make it relevant outside the corporate office in the United States.

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    Lessons from employees who break the rules


    Why do employees break the rules? These tips can lead to policies and procedures that help curb rule breaking.

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    Compliance program metrics for healthcare and beyond


    The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has published a comprehensive new resource guide on measuring compliance program effectiveness, but it’s not just for the healthcare industry.

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    The routineness of non-compliant conduct


    Tom Fox explores a new book entitled “Why They Do It” from Eugene Soltes, the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, which shows a certain “mundaneness” to white-collar crime.

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    Ready for Justice Department scrutiny of your compliance program?


    Nobody wants the Department of Justice to take a critical look at their compliance program. But Gejaa Gobena has some tips for how to survive the process.

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    Two top compliance programs get together


    The merger of General Electric and energy services company Baker Hughes Inc. combinews two firms that are recognized as having the very top compliance programs in the energy industry and indeed across the country. Tom Fox reports.

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    How the World Bank credits compliance efforts


    Getting debarred by the World Bank for corruption is bad, but firms taking serious steps to build better compliance afterward show a path to redemption. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    Compliance front and center


    The SEC and Justice Department have made it clear that it will no longer be adequate for companies merely to have a compliance program in place; it must actually be taken seriously from within and given the power and resources to do its job. Tom Fox explores.

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    What does the controversial pay raise for BP’s CEO mean for compliance?


    Image: What are the implications of CEO pay during an economic downturn for your compliance program? In this piece, the Man From FCPA Tom Fox explores that question in the context of BP’s recent pay raise given to Bob Dudley, who, as CEO, laid off thousands of employees and saw ...

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    The Macro-Economic Trends Tearing Through Third-Party Risk


    Image: Monday’s news of the merger between Pfizer and Allergan, one of the largest corporate deals ever, is the high-water market for a huge year of M&A activity. That M&A craze poses huge challenges to compliance officers for third-party risk, from IT systems to count third parties (harder than you ...

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    The Consequences of Baltimore and Body Cameras


    Image: The protests and riots in Baltimore last week over police brutality make the question of body cameras for law enforcement ever more pressing. Are they effective controls against misconduct? Yes, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly says. But when you consider what they say about the state of our ethical ...

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    Struggles on IT Strategy for Compliance


    Image: Compliance officers struggle with IT; that’s not news. This week, however, we have new data that might illuminate why so many compliance departments can’t implement an IT strategy to meet their needs. Inside, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly looks at which IT typically goes to what compliance tasks, and ...

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    Building a Compliance Ambassador Network


    Sure, compliance officers do not have to fulfill their company’s ethics and compliance mission alone, but building a network of compliance ambassadors (or champions, or liaisons, or whatever you call your helpers) can be laborious. Inside, we asked compliance officers from Lockheed, GenCorp, DTE Energy, and elsewhere how they built ...

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    Smarter Approaches to Regulatory Change Management


    Image: New regulations gush like a flood these days, forcing compliance officers to think of new ways to manage the current. Inside, we look at the IT strategies necessary to digest regulatory changes, plus the policy and procedure techniques to involve more parts of the enterprise. “It needs to be ...

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    Compliance Week Europe Conference Takes Shape


    Image: Compliance Week is delighted to announce that planning for our 2015 Compliance Week Europe conference is now underway, and we are thrilled about how things are falling into place. Registration for the event is now open, so if you are a compliance officer anywhere from Ireland to Ukraine, we ...

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    Kaiser Permanente’s Approach to Case Management


    Effective case management is crucial to a compliance program, but developing a process—flexible enough to juggle different types of issues, systematic enough to resolve cases in a timely manner—is the tricky part. This week in a guest column, Marita Janiga, director of the National Special Investigations Unit and the Compliance ...

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    CW 2015 Conference Preview: Assessing Program Effectiveness


    Image: Compliance officers are under constant pressure to demonstrate to senior executives, their boards, and regulators that the compliance function works. That means finding ways to measure compliance program effectiveness. To develop those metrics properly, “you have to define your goals,” says Anne Harris, former chief ethics officer of General ...

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    Shop Talk: Useful Metrics, Effective Training


    Effective compliance programs hinge on good training and proper metrics to see how your training influences employee behavior. That was the subject of Compliance Week’s latest executive roundtable, held in Washington and sponsored by LRN. Complete coverage is inside, from what effective metrics look like to how effective training works.

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    Antitrust Division to Increase Use of Probation in Enforcement


    Image: Title: SnyderThe Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice has signaled a shift in its enforcement approach concerning companies that violate antitrust laws and don’t have effective compliance programs. During two recent speeches, Antitrust officials said they would seek court-supervised probation in such cases. “Conversely, companies that can demonstrate ...