You may already have a mission statement and values that define your company and what you hope to achieve. You may also have existing policies for specific situations, such as using company resources or making hiring decisions. But a code of ethics provides general guidelines and a framework for making good decisions that uphold your company values.

Additionally, a well-defined code of ethics plays an integral role in policy development, training programs, and other employee engagement efforts that encourage good behavior and reduce the risk of incidents.

So if you need to write or update your code of ethics or internal policies, this paper gives you guidelines for defining your organizational ethics, writing an effective code, and integrating that code into your broader compliance efforts, including:

Defining your company's key ethical issues

Writing an easy-to-follow code of ethics

Integrating your code into your compliance program

Measuring your company's ethical performance

This easy-to-follow guide is based on our 20 years of experience in compliance program consulting.