Convercent, an ethics and compliance software provider, has announced new innovations to reduce barriers often found with ethical reporting. Convercent Helpline now features mobile texting intake to give all employees an opportunity to speak up.

Text messages reach nearly twice as many people as any other mobile medium, according to data from Ericsson's 2017 Mobility Report. By tapping into the most widely used communication channel in the world, Convercent Helpline transcends the technological, geographical, and societal barriers of traditional web and phone-based reporting. Convercent Helpline offers employees a simple way to ask questions and report ethical concerns no matter where they are.

Convercent offers anyone with mobile texting capability direct access to the Convercent Helpline. Key new features include:

Anonymity and Instant Response: Employees have the option to remain anonymous when texting reports, questions, and concerns. Reports are automatically logged in Convercent Case Manager, and employees get an instant confirmation of receipt.  

Critical Information Capture: Average helpline intake calls last 14 minutes. SMS intake through Convercent Helpline allows employees to report issues more quickly following an incident and respond to simple, automated questions to capture the most critical information within seconds.  

Accountability and Real-time Tracking: Employees get an access number and password for any report submitted through SMS. This gives them ability to track progress on the incident over time and increases trust that employers are listening.

“Convercent Helpline gives our teammates the ability to easily and confidentially make a claim with what they feel most comfortable with: texting,” said Amy Much, senior director and counsel at Under Armour. “Our teammates operate in vastly differing environments and time zones. Two-way communication is a necessary ingredient for a successful ethics and compliance program, and this goes a long way in helping us achieve that success.”