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    IoD rates FTSE 100’s corporate governance


    Paul Hodgson looks at results from the Institute of Directors’ recent survey that ranks the FTSE 100’s corporate governance methodologies. See who scored highest and who has more room for improvement.

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    Perception, reality, and global anti-corruption enforcement


    Tom Fox looks at scandals involving Swedish business empire Industrivärden and Apple that point to an increasing need for good compliance programs in an age of corruption and social media.

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    Private companies next up for governance revolution


    Paul Hodgson explores the Institute of Directors reissuance of its governance guidance for private companies, with updated references to the OECD governance principles and the Bribery Act. Oliver Parry, IoD’s Head of Corporate Governance, warns: “You can ignore it, but we are telling most private businesses that they need to ...

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    Of power and responsibility


    With great power comes great responsibility. The Norwegian Oil Fund already knows that, but it appears the company will give the entire world a responsiblity lesson as it takes more interest in the corporate governance policies of those firms in which it invests. The Man From FCPA Tom Fox has ...

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    Bleeding out: Theranos oozes with corporate governance lessons


    A year ago, Theranos was a Silicon Valley health tech “unicorn” praised for breakthrough advancements in blood testing. Now it’s under civil and criminal investigation for defrauding investors. The role Theranos’ board has played in this is already shaping up to be a pointed object lesson for board best practices ...

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    Seven myths of boards of directors


    Various myths surround corporate governance, especially when it comes to the accusations levied by institutional investors and others on the governance scene. CW columnist Rick Steinberg examines three such myths in the first of a two-part series, as he addresses to what degree accusers are seeking to hold boards to ...

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    Under investor scrutiny, corporate governance evolved into a crucial value generator


    Title: Recent statements from big, maRecent statements from big, mainstream investment firms underscore just how far corporate governance has evolved from having once been a compliance exercise about proxies to a fundamental contributor to risk management and value creation. And as more funds integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into ...

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    Bankers Still Overpaid Despite Poor Performance


    Deutsche Bank Chief Executive John Cryan said earlier this week that bonuses don’t necessarily make bankers work harder; instead some employees feel that they are entitled to an outsized incentive despite bad performance. Cryan’s message come weeks after a warning was issued at Deutsche Bank about rewarding staff with new-year ...

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    Where Valeant, and Corporate America, Went Wrong


    Image: The big political story this week was the Republican presidential debate, and candidates’ usual complaints that too many Americans are falling behind economically. The big corporate governance story, meanwhile, has been the unraveling of Valeant Pharmaceuticals. The two are tied, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly writes—since Valeant’s misplaced corporate ...

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    Social Media: #Compliance Buzz


    Trending online are the #Compliance and #Corpgov hashtags that compliance officers and governance practitioners around the world often turn to for emerging trends and latest news. Whether it’s sharing ideas about the ever-changing regulatory landscape or covering industry-related events, both hashtags are known to provide real-time information. This ...

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    Getting a Better Read on ‘Conduct Risk’


    Image: “Conduct risk” is a phrase uttered by many regulators these days and a menace compliance officers in banking circles worry about more and more. Still, putting a precise definition on it isn’t easy. “Conduct risk frequently demands that a firm address the widest range of policies, processes … and ...

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    Why Obsess Over CEO Pay? Well, Why Wouldn’t We?


    Image: While we all await the SEC’s final CEO pay ratio disclosure rule this week, let’s remember the ethical subtext beneath all this: CEO pay is still too large for most people’s liking, and income inequality is too. Until companies learn how to solve those challenges internally as a governance ...

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    More Disclosures Needed From Public Officials, Says OECD


    Image: The pursuit of good governance is never easy. According to a recent Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development survey, inadequate disclosures, lack of whistleblower protection laws, and  concerns about integrity have caused many citizens of advanced countries to lose trust in national governments. More inside.

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    OECD Updates Views on Governance


    The OECD has received an earful about proposed revisions to its principles of corporate governance, guidelines it encourages countries to adopt much the way they already follow its principles for anti-corruption. Some say the revisions dwell too much on company-level reforms, and not enough at the country-level to allow flexible ...