After experiencing several very public corporate scandals over the past decade, we’ve now moved to a more regulated way of doing business, and the code of conduct has emerged as one of the mechanisms for defining employee and corporate behavior that adheres to regulatory and industry standards. However, a code of conduct is much more than a set of rules, requirements, and prohibitions. Its true significance lies in its capacity to serve as a living document that embodies your company’s core values and commitment to ethical practices.

Are you confident your organization’s current code of conduct? Does it achieve what you’re after and, more importantly, is it being lived out each day in employee behavior at all levels?

This Skillsoft® ExecBlueprint™ provides practical advice for developing such a code that will go beyond “window dressing” and inspire leaders and employees alike to build and sustain a compliant and ethical culture.

Download “Creating a Code of Conduct: Providing Guidance for an Ethical Workplace” and get started on building the code of conduct your organization requires.


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