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    Daimler appoints chief compliance officer


    German automotive corporation Daimler announced the appointment of Dr. Wolfgang Bartels as chief compliance officer. Dr. Bartels takes over for Olaf Schick, who is to become the CFO of Daimler Greater China.

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    Analysis: VW ‘deliberately immoral’ ruling pushes governance lessons


    A look at a recent court case against car manufacturer Volkswagen once again places the company in the spotlight but, perhaps more importantly, offers some lessons in how to live up to shareholder expectations of good governance that protects their investment.

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    More VW execs charged in emissions scandal; Daimler fined $960M


    German prosecutors have charged two current Volkswagen executives and its former CEO for alleged market manipulation practices relating to its emissions-cheating scandal. In a separate action, Daimler was fined $960 million, also related to emissions cheating.

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    German automakers raided in antitrust probe


    The European Commission this week confirmed that European antitrust authorities have carried out inspections at the premises of several car manufacturers in Germany.

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    Ethics training and parking spaces


    A parking space is seen as a definite perk for U.S. executives, but perhaps not so in other countries. Tom Fox looks at the recent case of former Daimler President Rainer Gärtner, who—while operating out of the firm’s China-based location—overreacted to improper use of his parking spot.