In an effort to clean up its toxic workplace culture, the Dallas Mavericks are looking to hire a chief ethics and compliance officer.

On Feb. 20, Sports Illustrated published the findings of a report it did on the Dallas Mavericks, exposing an organization where misogyny and predatory sexual misconduct allegedly went unchecked, “including multiple damning accounts of former team CEO Terdema Ussery’s conduct,” SI reported. According to former Mavs employees, the team's human resources department was part of the problem.

On the Dallas Mavericks website, the job description reads: “The ethics and compliance officer serves as the organization's internal control point for ethics and improprieties, allegations, complaints, and conflicts of interest. This position is also responsible for the corporate culture, as well as compliance with corporate policies. The position advises corporate leadership on policy compliance, ethics and cultural matters.” 

Essential functions for the individual in this position, according to the job posting, include:

Develop and disseminate corporate policies and supporting forms/acknowledgements.

Provide an internal review of corporate policies to ensure corporate consistency and integration with the corporation's ethics philosophies.

Integrate the corporate ethics message throughout the corporate culture. 

Oversee the development and implementation of corporate ethics and conflict-of-interest training and conducts ethical decision-making training for supervisors on ethics issues and avoiding conflicts of interest. 

Promptly conduct investigations pursuant to complaints and allegations of ethical wrongdoing or conflicts of interest. Prepare written investigative reports as necessary. 

In conjunction with legal counsel, ensure compliance with Title 7 regulations, as well as corporate EEO policy. 

Develop and maintain confidential procedures for the handling and processing of complaints and allegations. Provide processes for the confidential hearing of employee issues related to the ethics or conflicts. 

Candidates may apply on the company's website, here.