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    Deloitte offers views on lease accounting questions


    Deloitte says it’s hearing enough questions about how to apply the new lease accounting rules it decided to publish a question-and-answer paper to articulate its views.

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    Execs use audit insights to improve business, poll says


    A Deloitte poll says C-suite executives and audit committee members use audit insights to improve business performance and operational processes.

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    PCAOB inspection findings rise at Grant Thornton


    While audit inspection findings across the major firms generally improved in the most recently reported year, such was not the case at Grant Thornton.

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    Some plan to dig into leases in 2017, some not so much


    The latest poll on big accounting change says some companies are making plans to devote time in 2017 to the new requirements around lease accounting, according to Tammy Whitehouse.

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    PCAOB hits Deloitte again, this time at Netherlands affiliate


    Deloitte has taken another enforcement hit from the PCAOB, this time for independence violations at an affiliate in the Netherlands. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    KPMG's latest inspection shows more modest improvement


    KPMG's newest PCAOB inspection report shows another modest improvement in audit errors, although no one is yet jumping for joy over deficiency findings.

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    Who watches the watchers?


    The recent enforcement action against Big Four accounting firm Deloitte and its Brazilian arm details what happens when an auditor is willing to lie to the government and alter work papers on behalf of a client. But what might it be willing to do to hide bribery and corruption, asks ...

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    PCAOB settles two actions against Deloitte affiliates


    The PCAOB has settled actions against Deloitte affiliates in Brazil and Mexico involving allegations of issuing false audit reports and failing to archive audit documentation. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Latest EY inspection shows improvement in error rate


    The latest PCAOB inspection report for EY show the firm failed in 29 percent of audits inspected in 2015 to perform a clean audit -- an improvement over 2014 results.

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    2015 audit inspections show some gains, some blown opinions


    The PCAOB’s earliest 2015 inspection results show some reductions in deficient audits, but also increases in restatements and withdrawn opinions. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    Global regulatory onslaught zeroes in on intercompany accounting


    New risks are emerging in intercompany accounting as regulators worldwide sharpen their focus on cross-border transactions among related entities. Read more from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategies names independent senior advisor


    The former head of the statistics function and senior advisor to the director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Kenneth Lamar, was recently named an independent senior advisor to the Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategies. He will advise financial institutions—largely banks—on regulatory reporting, data infrastructure, and ...

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    Accounting leaders advocate looking at non-GAAP accounting measures


    As the Securities and Exchange Commission continues its focus on use of non-GAAP accounting measures, accounting experts are advising companies to take a look at their internal controls and assure they are appropriate. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Even CAEs see need for change, latest poll shows


    It’s not just regulators or professional associations calling the internal audit profession to transformation. Even chief audit executives in the trenches recognize the internal audit function needs to evolve to remain relevant, according to a recent Deloitte study that surveyed 1,200 CAEs worldwide to get a pulse on the state ...

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    Deloitte Advisory announces new podcast series


    Learning from leaders whose decisions changed lives and careers, who experienced a situation that took them to the brink and back; that’s the purpose of the newly-launched podcast series, “Resilient,” from Deloitte Advisory.

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    Deloitte names new AML and economic sanctions leaders


    Frederick Curry has been named Deloitte Advisory anti-money laundering (AML) and economic sanctions practice leader. Michael Shepard has been named Deloitte Global AML, economic sanctions and financial crimes leader. They succeed Alison Clew who will retire in May.

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    Big 4 firm offers tips on assessing use of non-GAAP measures


    An upswing in corporate use of non-GAAP measures along with increased regulatory scrutiny of such reporting has inspired the folks at Deloitte to offer some tips on how to assess non-GAAP measures to assure they don’t run afoul of filing rules.

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    Gender pay gap reporting in the United Kingdom


    The draft regulations on reporting statistics outlining the potential gender pay gap at U.K. companies were published in early February this year, and reactions to the regulations have on the whole been positive, says Jillian Naylor, employment partner at U.K. law firm Linklaters. Inside, CW’s Paul Hodgson provides an in-depth ...

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    Deloitte Finds Shift to Full Retrospective Adoption of Revenue Recognition


    Image: According to a recent questionnaire from Deloitte of more than 170 technology, media, and telecom firms, 38 percent said they were leaning toward or had firmly decided on adopting the new revenue standard following the full retrospective approach. That means companies would present three full years worth of financial ...

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    Clawbacks, Other Reforms Drive Better Pay Disclosure


    A new study from Deloitte finds that FTSE 100 companies have dramatically improved their disclosures around executive pay in recent years, probably in no small part due to new clawback provisions and other governance requirements adopted lately. (New regulations on pay disclosure were rolled out last year, such as a ...