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    Deloitte Survey Shows Audit Stakeholders Want More From Audit


    Image: A Deloitte survey shows that a big majority want to see auditors providing assurance on more than just financial statements, and they want to see auditors making better use of technology. “Many investors are looking for broader and deeper insights that can help them make smarter, more informed decisions,” ...

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    SEC Slaps Deloitte for Auditor Independence Violations


    The SEC has charged Deloitte & Touche with violating auditor independence rules after it failed to notice a consulting affiliate had a business relationship with an audit client. Deloitte says it discovered the violation and reported it after the firm put in place enhanced independence measures. Deloitte will settle charges ...

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    Deloitte Inspection Report Shows Reduced Audit Deficiencies


    PCAOB audit inspectors found fault with 21 percent of the audits inspected at Deloitte in 2014, lower than any rate delivered for any major firm since 2009 and lower than Deloitte’s failure rate from one year ago. The report also revealed a new format for PCAOB inspection reports. More inside.

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    Deloitte Advances Ucuzoglu to Lead Audit Practice


    Image: After Deloitte advanced its head of audit to CEO in February, the firm has appointed Joseph Ucuzoglu chairman and CEO of subsidiary Deloitte & Touche. Ucuzoglu says he has a handful of near-term priorities that focus on innovating the audit practice to elevate audit quality. “We want to really ...

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    Practical Ideas on Managing Reputation Risk


    Image: Reputation risk is the strategic business issue for many boards and senior executives today, and yet few know how to address it well. “Reputation is an ‘amplifier risk,’ because it attaches itself to other risks,” says Andrea Bonime-Blanc, head of consulting firm GEC Risk Advisory. She and others recommend ...

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    Deloitte Names New CEO


    Cathy Engelbert has been elected to chief executive officer of Deloitte, becoming the first female CEO of a major audit and consulting firm in the United States. Additionally, Mike Fucci has been elected to the position of chairman of Deloitte's board. Engelbert and Fucci will both begin their new roles ...