DPOrganizer, a Swedish data privacy company, announced the addition of a new tool, Incident Manager, to its privacy management software. The tool enables businesses to act in accordance with GDPR, reducing the risk of financial and reputational loss.

The Incident Manager has been designed to enable businesses meet GDPR requirements effectively and manage documentation, assessment, and reporting within applicable time frames in case of a breach.

Among the key features, the Incident Manager:

  • Collects critical information in a structured and efficient way;
  • Prompts users for information that will help asses risk and impact to determine whether a breach should be reported, and to whom; and
  • Helps users deal with any incident quickly and error-free, reducing the risks of financial or reputational loss for the business.

The Incident Manager can help anyone in an organization record an incident, so it can be analyzed and responded to promptly and appropriately.