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  • 50 percent rule

    Q&A: Clearing up confusion with OFAC’s 50 Percent rule


    Compliance Week spoke with Tiffany Archer, regional ethics and compliance officer and corporate counsel at Panasonic Avionics Corporation, on demystifying OFAC’s 50 Percent rule.

  • Money laundering

    Compliance lessons from Julius Baer’s ‘serious AML failings’


    Compliance officers can learn a lot from the anti-money laundering compliance shortcomings at Julius Baer Group, as well as from what the bank is now doing to enhance its risk management and AML compliance controls.

  • UnclaimedPropertyDeadline

    Unclaimed property filing deadlines loom large


    Deadlines are fast approaching for state unclaimed property filings, with roughly 40 states setting filing dates on Oct. 31 or Nov. 1.

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    Evaluation of third parties


    Compliance practitioners at GE Oil & Gas discuss the process by which GE reviews the risks around each of its third parties.

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    The ‘how’ question in due diligence


    A clear lesson to be learned from the Theranos scandal is when conducting merger due diligence, make sure to determine how a new partner conducts itself and its business.

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    Phase 2 in third-party risk management: the questionnaire


    An essential piece of third-party risk management is “the questionnaire,” which companies should garner on behalf of all their third-party relationships at the start of the union in order to move forward with all the anwers.

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    What is due diligence?


    Due diligence is key to getting your third-party risk management program off the ground.

  • Article

    Carillion demise brings lessons in compliance


    The collapse of U.K. construction firm Carillion points to a need for compliance to step up to the plate and conduct its own due diligence, regardless of where the markets may lead.

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    Compliance lessons from the HP-Autonomy fiasco


    The Man From FCPA discusses the reasons behind one of the greatest corporate disasters in the past few years: the acquisition of Autonomy by Hewlett-Packard.

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    IHS Markit adds new screening capabilities to vendor due diligence service


    IHS Markit, a critical information, analytics and solutions provider, announced that its vendor risk management service, KY3P, added financial crimes screening to its comprehensive due diligence tools.

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    Arachnys and Fenergo sign strategic partnership agreement


    Arachnys, a cloud-based investigation management technology provider, and Fenergo, a provider of Client Lifecycle Management solutions for investment, corporate, and private banks, have announced a joint partnership to leverage their complementary technologies.

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    Why board oversight matters, in investing and compliance


    The case of Outcome Health is a clear lesson for the anti-corruption compliance practitioner: Levels of oversight not only provide a backup to make sure that no mistake should slip through, but also the rigor of financial oversight.

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    The three levels of due diligence


    How to recognize and utilize each level of due diligence to fight corruption.

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    Looking to buy? Be sure and complete your due diligence


    Tom Fox explores a recent report on wealthy American businessmen attempting to purchase London soccer clubs for a weekend outing and their due diligence duties.

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    Icertis, Thomson Reuters partnership provides compliance screening


    Icertis, a provider of enterprise contract lifecycle management in the cloud, announced a partnership with Thomson Reuters, a provider of intelligent information and solutions for businesses and professionals.

  • MossackFonseca_1
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    Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca linked to offshore deals in Africa


    A new round of investigations on the Panama Papers conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) this week revealed that Panama-headquartered law firm Mossack Fonseca established offshore companies to own, hold, or do business with petroleum, natural gas, and mining operations in 44 of Africa’s 54 countries—many of ...

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    Customers and corruption risks


    What is the cost of corruption? How much due diligence must you perform with those entities that are your customers? Does doing business with companies that have a propensity for corruption put your company at risk? In light of the scandals at Petrobras and Houston-based ENSCO, companies might want to ...

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    Podcast: due diligence in emerging markets


    In our latest podcast we discuss due diligence and third party oversight in emerging markets with Kevin Braine, managing director and head of Kroll’s compliance practice in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Based in London, Braine is responsible for driving forward the expansion of Kroll’s compliance services throughout the ...

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    Barclays: A Modern Enforcement Action for Modern Misconduct


    Image: Last week the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority whacked Barclays with a fine of £72 million ($109 million) for sloppy oversight of a huge private-client deal brimming with financial crime risk. The more you read the details of the transaction and how poorly bank executives managed it, the more you ...

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    EIOPA Requires ‘Robust’ Risk Management Framework


    Image: The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) is backing the creation of a separate asset class for high-quality infrastructure investments under Solvency II. The EIOPA also stressed that insurers should have the proper due diligence and risk management procedures in place to tackle the complexities associated with this ...