Most compliance and ethics officers are fairly confident about the content of their ethics training programs. It's delivering it in a way that keeps employees engaged that can be the hard part. In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with NYSE and Second City, we try to cut through that confusion as companies move forward developing and implementing their ethics and compliance training programs.

You will hear about the unique and innovative ways—through the use of movies, games, and much more—that companies across all industries are using to create training that captures the attention of their audience. You’ll also hear about the valuable role that middle management can play in shaping a culture of compliance and how to effectively work with them to achieve that objective.

For compliance officers tasked with ensuring that employees and management are well-trained, the process isn’t quite as easy as the occasional online quiz. To help overcome that challenge, this e-Book explores the valuable role compliance officers can play, including how to understand the unique psychologies of the workforce and, equally important, how to gauge the effectiveness of online training when all of it is said and done.