Advanced IT to improve monitoring and testing exists, but integrating those solutions into corporate data warehouses and business operations is harder than first thought. In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Workiva, we look at how companies can effectively revisit ERP systems or try new software.

Also, now that the Institute of Internal Auditors has unveiled its new professional practices framework, we will look at how to actually put the framework into practice, helping auditors to think more critically about risk management and organizational improvement. You will also learn how internal and external auditors can better collaborate with—rather than against—one another to avoid unnecessary duplication of audit efforts.

Complicating audit matters, as cyber-security and IT controls rise up the priority list in corporate audits, numerous frameworks (COSO, NIST, CoBIT) used by numerous parties are all trying to build effective control systems. That could lead to painful detours in mapping controls, if compliance executives don’t plan carefully. In this e-Book, we look at how companies can address IT and cyber-security controls to assure that compliance personnel appropriately target the conversation toward risk.