Employee surveillance is a pressing compliance need. Amid reports of scandals and other misconduct, the demand for smarter, tighter, and advanced surveillance is increasing. This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Schwab Compliance Solutions, offers the latest thinking on what employees, regulators, and compliance practitioners need to know about employee monitoring and surveillance.

This e-Book opens with “Hurry-Up Offense on Employee Surveillance,” which discusses how industry watchdogs deal with monitoring employees. Next, in “Consequences of Baltimore and Body Cameras” Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly explores the state of our current ethical climate and whether constant surveillance—like body cameras—actually undermine ethical behavior.

Following this, Charles Schwab presents “Five Keys to a More Secure Data Environment,” which analyzes what happens when critical data is compromised. In “ABA Seeks Clarity for Corporate Monitors” we look at how setting standards can help enhance employee surveillance. Finally, in “Managing Data Security and Privacy Risks” the author looks at policies that can avoid potential claims for violations of privacy rights.