The risks lurking within the travel and entertainment account—bribery, accounting fraud, excessive spending, and much more—make proper oversight of T&E an urgent job for compliance and audit executives. Worse, even when you have a strong T&E policy, the ingenuity of employees trying to evade it knows few boundaries. And problems found within some T&E processes may suggest much larger or complex organizational concerns.

This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Concur Technologies, provides timely and relevant information around T&E processes, new developments on the regulatory front, and policy management.

Earlier this year, the SEC brought two enforcement actions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for bribery payments hidden as gifts, travel, and entertainment expenses. In “Robust T&E Control Policies,” the author looks at how lax internal controls can lead to improper payments and sham contracts. Next, the e-book shifts to expense reports, a gray area where bribery and corruption can be easily concealed. Travel policies are another big problem as well, and in “How to Impose an Effective Travel Policy,” we look at centralized policies for the compliance officer to consider to future-proof its T&E program. In “Finding FCPA Violations in Expense Reports,” we equip our readers with useful tools to help detect and deter fraudulent activity.