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Under rising pressure to be more transparent about how they oversee auditors, proactive audit committees are upping their game for evaluating all aspects of their audit. This special report looks at what those leading practices are today. We also look at how the newest technologies are helping audit committees in their never-ending quest to improve audit quality, as well as what data points to consider in assessing their audits and their auditors.

Beyond quality, this special report also offers a four-part approach to audit efficiency and effectiveness, and further examines how audit firms can proactively avoid running afoul of regulations. Across the pond, we discuss what plans the U.K. Financial Reporting Council has for overseeing audit practices in the United Kingdom, and the potential consequences of dismantling the Big Four.

Lastly is a focus on reputation. In this special report, we analyze the annual summaries of accounting firms’ client gains and losses; why companies change external auditors; and the circumstances under which proxy advisory firms are more likely to demand it. We also look at how to tackle those bad marks from audit regulators.