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    FASB Chairman Golden’s agenda setting 101


    Have you ever wondered how FASB decides what issues to include in its technical agenda? Chairman Russell Golden explained recently the process for identifying the right accounting issues to address.

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    EITF recommends asset treatment for some cloud costs


    FASB’s Emerging Issues Task Force has arrived at conclusions about how companies should account for certain cloud computing arrangement costs.

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    FASB updates accounting for certain benefit plans


    Companies with employee benefit plans held in master trusts have some new accounting rules to learn and observe, courtesy of the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

  • GiftCards2
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    FASB issues new rules on gift cards, hedging, equity investments


    FASB has issued guidance that enables companies to write off lingering gift card liabilities, shore up hedge accounting practice differences, and simplify transitions to equity method accounting. Crowe Horwath Partner James Dolinar says the guidance around gift cards is perhaps the most broadly applicable, as companies can now do some ...

  • FaucetCash2
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    FASB Proposes Eight New Cash Flow Classification Rules


    Current accounting rules are either unclear or silent on how to classify cash flows in certain instances, so FASB is proposing an update to the Accounting Standards Codification to fill the gaps. The board is looking to clarify several issues with such transactions as debt prepayments, settlement of zero-coupon bonds, ...

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    FASB Proposes Fixes to Narrow Hedge Accounting Issues


    FASB is proposing some changes to hedge accounting rules to help companies apply the rules consistently. One proposed update would try to resolve varied approaches around a four-step decision sequence to determine whether certain instruments should be treated as embedded derivatives; another addresses questions about whether a change in counterparty ...