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    A view from beyond the tech giants


    Organizations in sectors outside of technology are voicing their opinions on what a data privacy regulation should entail.

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    Tech companies push for national privacy framework


    Commonalities among tech companies, when it comes to U.S. data privacy legislation, include a single-standard approach, elevating the FTC, and mandating a risk-based methodology.

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    MoneyGram to forfeit $125M for AML compliance lapses; DPA extended


    MoneyGram on Nov. 8 entered into agreements with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission concerning previously disclosed compliance failures that resulted in a widespread money-laundering fraud scheme.

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    FTC: Four companies falsely claimed certification under EU-U.S. Privacy Shield


    Four companies have agreed to settle allegations by the Federal Trade Commission that they falsely claimed certification under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework and that two of these companies failed to abide by a key provision of the framework.

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    FTC brings first cases enforcing EU-U.S. Privacy Shield


    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission this month brought its first cases enforcing the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which was put in place last year to replace the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor framework.

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    Reform initiatives underway at the FTC


    The Federal Trade Commission is committing to the Trump Administration’s efforts to streamline government agencies. It has announced a new, in-house review.

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    Assessing antitrust risk in M&A transactions


    Top officials at the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have announced their intention to focus heavily on M&A antitrust enforcement, at a time when merger activity is skyrocketing. Jaclyn Jaeger explores how the agencies plan to tackle some of the larger, more complex deals ahead.

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    Greater scrutiny of merger activity in the defense industry on the way?


    The Justice Department and FTC this month issued a joint statement reaffirming the importance of preserving competition in the defense industry. The statement may have been prompted by threats made by the Department of Defense to seek legislation to expand its role in the review of mergers and acquisitions in ...