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    Is FIFA Getting Serious About Ethics Reform?


    FIFA seems to be getting serious about the perception that its organization is rife with corruption. Last week it suspended three of its top officials, including President Sepp Blatter. Those suspensions come one week after major sponsors demanded FIFA take action. Our Man From FCPA, Tom Fox, has more inside.

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    Sponsors Turn Up the Heat on FIFA Corruption


    Image: Four of FIFA’s largest sponsors have called on the group’s president, Sepp Blatter, to resign immediately given his role in possible misconduct at the soccer organization. (Blatter is now under criminal investigation by Swiss prosecutors.) That business-driven pressure, Compliance Week blogger Tom Fox (left) says, might be the first ...

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    Moves Against FIFA, VW: Sweating in the C-Suite?


    Image: Talk in corporate compliance circles lately has been dominated by the United States and publication of the Yates Memo, where the Justice Department will be pushing for more prosecution of individuals. The real bite for compliance, however, might be happening in Europe, where regulators are moving against the chiefs ...

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    FIFA Corruption Scandal: A Business Solution Coming?


    Image: The fallout from the FIFA corruption scandal continues across the globe (literally), with FIFA audit committee members suspended and investigations expanded. As the next wave of soccer tournaments reaches the planning stages, however, we might be starting to see FIFA taking business practices seriously. Our Man From FCPA, Tom ...

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    Swiss Authorities to Unveil New ‘Lex-FIFA’ Anti-Corruption Reform


    A new draft anti-corruption law in Switzerland, named after scandal-ridden football organization FIFA, will treat bribery as a criminal offence and allow Swiss authorities to launch corruption probes against the country’s international sporting federations without tip-offs from inside the organization in question. Some members of Swiss Parliament argue that the ...

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    FIFA Takes Steps Toward Transparency


    Image: FIFA, the governing body for professional soccer that is mired in controversy and allegations of corruption, may be taking the first steps to transparency and better performance: The group has hired an outside law firm to conduct an exhaustive look at its business practices and to review possible corrupt ...

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    North America Soccer Groups Push Reforms After FIFA Scandal


    The governing bodies for professional soccer in North America and the Caribbean are overhauling their governance frameworks, amid increasing scrutiny of the sport worldwide since U.S. officials charged a slew of FIFA officials with corruption last month. The group, known as CONCACAF, says the changes are “an additional step … ...

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    FIFA Fallout Has Banks Fearing Due Diligence Failures


    The FIFA corruption scandal has pulled many banks—HSBC, Barclays, Citigroup, Bank of America—into its orbit, although none have tumbled into the black hole just yet. The case does, however, send a vivid message on the importance of enhanced due diligence processes. “It is not enough to know your customer,” says ...

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    Rebuilding FIFA Starts With Good Governance


    Transparency International is calling for governance reform at the scandal-ridden football organization, Fédération Internationale de Football Association. TI says that restoring public trust won’t be an easy win for FIFA, but the global football association can set an example by rebuilding its governance structure and instituting independent non-executive directors and ...