Cyber-security has become a major compliance issue in recent years, as the frequency and severity of data breaches and information-security incidents continues to grow. In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with RSA, we explore how companies across all industries can improve their cyber-security defenses, including how to identify the biggest threat of all: insider threats. Additionally, this e-Book includes a step-by-step guide for pursuing a flexible, principles-based approach to cyber-security risk management.

Data privacy and cyber-security risks are also playing an increasingly prominent role in mergers and acquisitions. This e-Book explores this development, as well as ways to better manage these risks to ensure a smooth M&A transaction.

Finally, this e-Book takes a global look at cyber-security efforts—among them, the adoption of China’s sweeping new cyber-security law and what it means for foreign companies in the country looking to enhance their data-privacy practices and cyber-security controls. And in Europe, this e-Book explores what the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation means to your cyber-security strategy.

In a world plagued by massive and growing cyber-security incidents, “Fortifying your cyber-security efforts” is an e-Book you cannot afford to miss.