With a 300 year heritage, RSA is one of the world’s leading multinational insurance groups. They have major operations in the UK, Scandinavia, Canada, the Middle East and Ireland and the capability to write business in around 140 countries.


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    CPE Webcast: TPRM; What keeps you up at night?

    2020-05-28T14:00:00Provided by

    Do risks from your third-party ecosystem keep you up at night, especially during these trying times? How have third-party risks changed over the years, but especially lately, considering the current crisis?

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    Are You Doing Enough on Data Privacy? Results of the 2018 Data Privacy Survey

    Provided by

    As Europe settles into life under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the United States is grappling with potential legislation of its own to protect consumer information. Questions remain about what U.S. data privacy legislation might look like, but companies have already begun to strategize.

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    Ignite Your Third Party Governance Program: First Steps to Take Command of Vendor Management

    2018-10-02T14:00:00Provided by

    The number and significance of third party relationships continues to grow for organizations across all industries and geographies. When an organization falters in some way, the root cause of the problem is often linked to a third party relationship. Unfortunately, many organizations that are hit by third party problems didn’t ...

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    Working toward a solution: Third-party risk management

    2017-06-26T10:00:00Provided by

    This is a can’t-miss e-Book for any chief compliance officers, chief risk officers, internal audit professionals, and others looking for ways to enhance a corporate third-party risk management program.

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    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation e-Book

    2017-01-25T13:00:00Provided by

    This e-book has what you need to know about how the EU’s privacy rules could impact your business operations.

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    The ABC's of GRC

    2017-01-03T14:30:00Provided by

    The value of mature GRC capabilities can be summed up through another acronym—ABC: Aware, Bespoke, and Confident.

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    RSA Archer Operational Risk Management

    2016-12-20T11:30:00Provided by

    RSA Archer serves as an aggregation point for your organization’s operational risk management program, enabling you to visually understand, prioritize and manage known risks and then expand your program.

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    Cyber Risk Appetite: Defining and Understanding Risk in the Modern Enterprise

    2016-12-14T10:30:00Provided by

    Managing risk is a balancing act for organizations of all sizes and disciplines. While some organizations take on too much risk, others arguably do not take on enough.

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    RSA Archer Risk Intelligence Index

    2016-12-07T13:15:00Provided by

    In October 2015, RSA completed a global survey of almost 400 organizations to gather insight into current trends and perceptions regarding Risk Management. The survey utilized RSA’s proprietary Risk Intelligence Index to ask questions around key areas of risk and how organizations are addressing the changing risk landscape. The Risk ...

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    Taking Command of Your GRC Journey

    2016-12-01T10:30:00Provided by

    RSA Archer provides a technology platform that leverages a common framework for managing risk and compliance in the context of your business, which is necessary for your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program to succeed in today’s increasingly complex risk landscape and competitive markets.

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    e-Book: Overcoming GRC Challenges in the Healthcare System

    2016-07-14T12:00:00Provided by

    In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with RSA, we explore some common and emerging risks facing healthcare organizations today, and how RSA Archer’s governance, risk and compliance solutions can help organizations more proactively manage the ills that could befall them.

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    e-Book: Playing the game of third-party risk

    2016-04-04T15:45:00Provided by

    Third-party risk has always been a pain point for compliance officers, but external factors like globalization and escalating cyber-risks are continuously changing the way compliance officers have to think about how to manage third-party risk. In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with RSA, we try to cut ...

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    Harness Operational Risk with Enterprise GRC

    2015-02-26T14:30:00Provided by

    Every organizational unit has some level of risk it must address. Yet, most internal teams lack the ability to identify priorities and accountability to stay ahead of new threats to the business, thus leaving the process of managing risk to be more reactive. While many risks exist within each function, ...

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    Managing Cyber Risk: Are Companies Safeguarding Their Assets?

    2014-10-31T15:30:00Provided by

    To get a better grasp on how U.S. boards are handling cyber security roles and responsibilities, NYSE Governance Services, Corporate Board Member and RSA, in association with EY, surveyed more than 200 audit committee members this spring on a variety of issues regarding their cyber risk oversight program. This paper ...

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    Risk Intelligence: Harnessing Risk, Exploiting Opportunity

    2014-10-31T15:00:00Provided by

    This RSA white paper explains how organizations can change discussion about risk from the “risk landscape” to the “opportunity landscape.” Organizations need to show how proactively managing risk becomes an enabler to explore opportunities, rather than simply avoiding landmines.

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    Breaking Through the Value Ceiling

    2014-06-25T12:30:00Provided by

    Technologies implemented to meet operational needs bring tangible benefits to an organization with focused, tactical functions. These tools bring value to organizations due to the focus on the specific business challenge at hand and most often help achieve goals at the operations level. However, certain processes need to lead to ...

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    The RSA GRC Reference Architecture

    2014-06-25T12:30:00Provided by