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    E3 moves to circumvent U.S. sanctions on Iran


    The E3 has set up a special trade channel designed to allow companies in the European Union to circumvent U.S. sanctions in an effort to continue humanitarian trade with Iran.

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    German competition authorities take Facebook to task


    Germany’s competition regulator has cited Facebook for forcing consumers to give blanket approval to the social media giant’s terms and conditions without being privy to how and how often their data is actually being shared.

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    New system opens up EU business trade with Iran


    The United Kingdom, Germany, and France have created a new payments system to allow European businesses to trade with Iran without falling foul of U.S. sanctions.

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    German DPAs begin random GDPR examinations


    The Data Protection Authority of the German state of Lower Saxony recently began random examinations into how well companies are implementing the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. Compliance officers of U.S. companies with operations in Germany should be on alert.

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    Airbus to pay €81.25 million to end German corruption probe


    German prosecutors have ordered Airbus to pay a fine of € 81.25 million to end a five-year bribery investigation concerning the sale of Eurofighter aircraft to the Republic of Austria in 2003.

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    Compliance includes anti-trust compliance


    While the United States banks on anti-trust training, in other parts of the world—such as Germany—there is not such a strong prohibition against competitors’ collaboration. Reports, however, indicate that may be changing.

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    Insider trading allegations at Deutsche Borse could complicate LSE merger


    Did Deutsche Borse CEO Carsten Kengeter make a lucky stock purchase in his own company, or did he act on inside knowledge of a planned merger with LSE? Neil Hodge reports.

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    Prosecutors Search Deutsche Bank Head Offices in Tax Fraud Probe


    Deutsche Bank took another blow this week after law enforcement officials searched the bank’s headquarters amid suspicions of tax fraud relating to client securities transactions. The practice, known as “dividend stripping,” has once again placed the largest German lender under the regulatory spotlight. Details inside.

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    Germany's Push For Gender Diversity in the Boardroom Gains Traction


    A shifting regulatory landscape in Germany has paved the way for more women to hold supervisory seats in the boardroom. To promote greater gender diversity, across the board, this regulation sets quotas on the country’s public and private sectors. Now, corporate Germany will have to award at least 30 percent ...