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    What government contractors need to know about coronavirus-related excusable delays, defenses


    Government contractors seeking guidance on how to minimize costly delays and disruptions during the coronavirus (while preserving their rights) can look to these tips from a recent Webinar.

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    Trump blacklists ‘blacklisting' rule for federal contractors


    With an Executive Order this week, President Trump has made good on a promise to repeal the Obama Administration’s so-called “blacklisting rule” for federal contractors.

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    Texas court blocks ‘blacklisting’ rule for federal contractors


    A federal court in Texas has agreed to an emergency injunction that halts implementation of a so-called contractor “blacklisting” rule requiring that federal contractors disclose labor law violations. Joe Mont reports.

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    U.S. government contractors face sweeping new ‘blacklisting’ rules


    Prospective federal contractors will soon have to disclose any labor law, civil rights, or wage violations, making the Labor Dept. a de facto gatekeeper for all contracts, reports Joe Mont.

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    Defense Dept. Steps Up Standards on IT Supply Chain Risk


    Image: The Defense Department is taking a harder look at supply chain risks posed by government contractors who provide IT products and services, so compliance officers at those businesses should prepare to review how supply chain risks might affect eligibility to bid on future contracts. “This fits into the government’s ...

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    Reminder: New FAR Thresholds for 2015


    Reminder: revised acquisition-related dollar thresholds amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation for government contractors take effect Oct. 1. Government contractors should be aware of these adjustments since they affect a number of areas, including when contractors must report the executive compensation of their first-tier subcontracts, when they must report certified cost ...

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    Former Gov. Contractor in Afghanistan Charged With Bribery


    A former employee with International Relief and Development Inc., a government contractor, has pleaded guilty to charges of bribery in connection with a federal program and attempting to avoid currency transaction reporting requirements. The announcement was made this week by Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal ...