FTI Consulting announced the company’s Technology segment has joined the Relativity Trace partner program and will offer compliance monitoring services for organizations that need to track critical activities to ensure regulatory compliance by leveraging the Trace application.

Trace is an application built on the Relativity platform that monitors communications, based upon configured rules, and alerts compliance officers of suspicious content. Trace features automatic ingestion of more than 40 unique email, chat, and audio data sources, and organizations can create rapid alerts based upon keywords, communication type, and other variables.

FTI Technology’s global compliance monitoring services can include connecting disparate and legacy data systems to feed into Trace, implementing Trace and its alerting functionality to minimize false positives, auditing, and updating alerting to stay current with new regulations. In addition, should an alert escalate to a legal or regulatory matter, FTI Technology can support the matter within the Relativity e-discovery platform.