Rsam, a provider of governance, risk management, and compliance solutions, and RiskLens, a cyber risk management and solutions firm, have partnered to bring clarity to the potential business impact of cyber risk.

The partnership connects Rsam’s cybersecurity data collection, assessment, and reporting platform with RiskLens’ ability to quantify various losses from different perspectives, including fines, reputation, loss of customers, and credit monitoring using the FAIR methodology.

The RiskLens connector for Rsam’s Enterprise Risk Management module gives organizations a methodology for understanding the risk-related financial impact of decisions. Key features of the integration include:

  • Seamless workflow: Send analysis requests directly from the Rsam environment to the RiskLens platform.
  • Daily pull for analysis updates: Check on the status of an analysis request while it’s processing.
  • Quantitative measurement of risk: Completed analyses include management-ready reporting on the financial impact of risk.

The integration between the Rsam and RiskLens platforms is available now.