Trustwave announced Trustwave Security Testing Services, a comprehensive portfolio designed to give enterprises and government agencies the ability to acquire, apply, and fully manage security scanning and testing across diverse environments through a single dashboard.

Through point-and-click navigation, users can scan business critical applications to search for unpatched vulnerabilities, exploitable code, or evidence of malicious activity. Standard or highly customized penetration tests can be scheduled as needed to assess network, application and database weaknesses, and resiliency against cyber-attacks. In addition, enterprises have the ability to run network and web vulnerability scans as well as unlimited discovery scans to map and categorize company assets residing on premises or in cloud or hybrid environments.

Trustwave Security Testing Services is built on the Trustwave Fusion platform, the company’s cloud-native application that connects organizations to a full range of security resources including Trustwave Managed Security Services, actionable threat intelligence, and a global team of security specialists.