Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski, head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, announced Wednesday he will depart the DOJ, effective July 3.

“Benczkowski served the Department with distinction,” Attorney General William Barr said in a press release. “[T]he entire Department benefitted from his managerial expertise, institutional knowledge, and sound judgment.”

Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Rabbitt will take over as acting head of the Criminal Division, according to Reuters.

Benczkowski was confirmed to his post in July 2018. In recent months, his focus has been on rooting out coronavirus-related misconduct, with the Criminal Division announcing six cases of fraud involving the government’s Paycheck Protection Program to date.

During Benczkowski’s tenure as assistant attorney general, the Criminal Division “placed a renewed emphasis on exploring the use of data analytics in targeting for criminal investigations and prosecutions,” according to the DOJ. The Division expanded its in-house data analytics support team and made critical investments in data analytics to help ensure prosecutors leverage the use of data and statistics to build their cases.

“In addition to his able handling of some of the most complex white-collar investigations the Department has ever conducted, one of his greatest contributions to the country were his efforts combatting the nation’s opioid crisis,” Barr said. “His decision to use data analytics changed our approach and undoubtedly saved many lives.”

The Division announced an array of policies and guidance geared toward promoting transparency in white-collar enforcement throughout Benczkowski’s tenure, including the “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program”; the revised corporate monitorship policy; how the Justice Department assesses a company’s inability to pay a fine or penalty; and revisions to the Corporate Enforcement Policy.