Hui Chen, who in 2015 became the first-ever compliance counsel expert at the U.S. Department of Justice, is back in government, albeit at the state level. She announced on Twitter early Tuesday that she has been named chief integrity officer for the Hawaii Attorney General’s office.

Chen is an international leader in ethics and compliance issues and has been a frequent contributor at Compliance Week events.

In her new state post as chief integrity officer, Chen will report directly to Hawaii Attorney General Clare E. Connors. Her responsibilities will include reviewing “the Department’s policies and procedures, internal training programs, and ethics and conflicts reviews.” As a member of the AG’s Complex Litigation, Fraud, and Compliance Unit, she will be tasked with “investigating, reviewing, and consulting on compliance issues within state government,” according to a press release from the AG’s office.

“Not only has Hui worked with companies and regulatory authorities around the world to address ethics and compliance issues, she has extensive private and public sector experience,” AG Connors said in a statement.

At the DOJ, Chen wrote the Fraud Section’s guidance document, “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance.” Since leaving the DOJ in June 2017, Chen has led her own compliance consultant firm, Hui Chen Ethics. The firm was retained as the first-ever foreign expert consultant by the Ministry of Transparency of Brazil to assist the Comptroller General’s Office (CGU), according to her firm’s Website.

Chen attended the University of California Los Angeles, where she earned a B.A. and earned her law degree from the University of California Berkeley School of Law.

Prior to being retained by the Department of Justice, Hui served as a senior compliance leader at Microsoft, Pfizer, and Standard Chartered Bank, among others.