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  • Dubarcrop

    Cédric Dubar: The top gear


    Cédric Dubar took his legal background and passion for corporate social responsibility and crafted a career driving meaningful change at some of the world’s biggest companies.

  • Franchinicrop

    Indrani Franchini: The champion of culture


    For almost 20 years, Indrani Franchini has made a career out of getting to know the industry she is in, creating business relationships that build value and driving cultural change.

  • Article

    Q&A: Honor, culture, and compliance


    The dean of Washington & Lee’s school of commerce, economics, and politics weighs in on what role personal honor and integrity can play in the world of today’s chief compliance officers.

  • Article

    How data and analytics drive Microsoft’s compliance mission


    As a leading global enterprise, Microsoft has a pretty full plate of compliance matters to handle. That’s why it relies so much on data, analyftics, and skillful oversight to manage its risk.

  • bestof-2017

    Year in review: 2017


    Compliance Week looks back at the last 12 months and offers a glimpse at some of the biggest news stories in compliance, governance, risk, and ethics.

  • Article

    How board members can prepare for a #MeToo moment


    The PwC 2017 Annual Corporate Directors Survey highlights some key risks and opportunities for how boards might survive their own Weinstein moment, should one ever arise.

  • Blog

    Court sides with Trump over who runs the CFPB


    The battle for who is the rightful head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been settled—for the moment—by Judge Timothy Kelly.

  • Blog

    Delete your accounts. All of them


    The porous nature of data security is worse than we thought. Maybe the only way for anyone to really secure their digital presence is to destroy it.

  • Article

    New GDPR implementation guide offers helpful roadmap


    Figuring out how to comply with the fast approaching GDPR isn’t easy, but this handy guide from the ISF will be a big help to compliance officers everywhere.

  • chen

    The voice of reason: Q&A with Hui Chen


    Renowned ethics and compliance expert Hui Chen discusses true compliance training, what integrity really means, and how compliance can earn its seat at the table at the top of an organization.

  • Article

    Everybody owns compliance


    You don’t have to be an explosives technician or a Presidential bodyguard to be a great compliance, risk, and ethics officer, but it sure does help. Just ask Darin Goodwiler of the CFA Institute.

  • Blog

    There will be blood


    A viral video of a nurse who was arrested for upholding her hospital’s own policy on permitting blood draws from non-consenting patients highlights the true challenges of compliance.

  • Blog

    Signals and virtue


    As business leaders publicly resign from Presidential economic committees in light of President Trump’s Charlottesville comments, “tone from the top” matters now more than ever.

  • Blog

    Press X to start


    There is always a tension between gaming the system and breaking the rules, and we can’t have innovation unless we allow a little outlaw thinking to develop on its own.

  • Article

    Getting ready for GDPR


    Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum, talks about how GDPR is essentially a new global standard for data management and how complying with it is actually a blessing in disguise.

  • Jardinicrop

    Nancy Jardini: The legal mind


    Nancy Jardini’s experience in public interest roles has uniquely prepared her for her most challenging—and rewarding role—leading compliance and ethics for mortgage financing giant Fannie Mae.

  • Hershmancrop

    Michael Hershman: For the love of the game


    International Centre for Sport Security CEO Michael Hershman’s biggest challenge is bringing honesty and transparency to the world of professional sports.

  • Gentilecrop

    Mary Gentile: The practical ethicist


    Mary Gentile is one of the ethics field’s most renowned educators for her results-based ethics training that doesn’t ask: “What is the right thing to do,” but rather: “How do we get the right thing done?”

  • Bistrongcrop2

    Richard Bistrong: The great communicator


    Richard Bistrong, CEO of Front-Line Anti-Bribery, is one of the compliance world’s most outspoken voices on how companies can build better and more ethical businesses.

  • 1_xnpdnw98

    Coffin on Compliance: Top Minds


    Every year, Compliance Week’s Top Minds project brings together a dozen of the best and brightest thought leaders in the governance, risk, ethics, and compliance field. How many of them do you see in yourself?

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