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  • Biometric scan

    Clearview AI fined third time for GDPR violations


    The Hellenic Data Protection Authority in Greece fined controversial facial image aggregator Clearview AI a record €20 million (U.S. $19.9 million) for unlawfully processing the biometric data of Greek citizens.

  • OTE

    Cosmote, parent company OTE fined $10.6M under GDPR


    The Hellenic Data Protection Authority fined mobile phone operator Cosmote and its parent company OTE a total of €9.25 million (U.S. $10.6 million) for a data breach caused by a September 2020 cyberattack and for illegally processing customer data.

  • GreekParliament

    A glimpse into Greece’s first anti-corruption chief


    Greece’s government has appointed Angelos Binis as its first ever anti-corruption chief to head the country’s newly created anti-corruption body, the Transparency Authority.

  • Greece data

    Greek parliament approves implementation of EU data law


    Lawmakers in Greece voted to approve the implementation of partner legislation to the GDPR into national law, one month after being threatened with fines by the European Commission.

  • Blog

    What does tone from the top really mean?


    Is Novartis really answering to the recent allegations that have been brought against the company, or is the chairman just paying lip service?

  • Blog

    Novartis responds to ongoing corruption investigations


    Novartis has issued a response concerning ongoing corruption investigations by both Greek and U.S. authorities.

  • Blog

    The Greek Culture of Corruption


    Envelopes stuffed with cash and entire industries poised to take action against the first sign of whistleblowing are just two of the hallmarks of the endemic corruption that bedevils the entire Greek economy. What can be done when compliance isn’t just absent in a country, but actively avoided as a ...