It is that time of year again, Compliance Week enthusiasts: fresh off our hugely successful 2015 annual conference, we now are starting to plan our 2016 event happening next year. As always, we need your help.

Compliance Week is looking to recruit a small group of compliance professionals to serve on the advisory board for our 2016 North America conference, to be held May 23-25, 2016 in Washington, D.C. This is our flagship event every year (2016 will be our 11th annual conference), where we need to craft the most compelling and useful agenda possible—and there is no better way to do that than to ask people like you, who work in compliance for a living, what we should include.

If you have attended our conferences before, or have always wanted to get involved with them, or just spend lots of time thinking about corporate compliance & audit generally, you are just the sort of person we would like to work with.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Any full-time, in-house corporate executive who runs corporate compliance, audit, ethics, or risk management programs. Anyone working for a vendor or service provider (audit firm, law firm, software vendor, consulting business) is not eligible. That restriction has nothing to do with your knowledge—most vendors and service providers are outstanding thinkers here—but our conference is foremost intended for corporate compliance officers, and we need their perspective above all.

Vendors and service providers who want to send good ideas, we welcome those too. Simply reach out to us directly on an individual basis.

Q: What is the workload involved?

A: Typically in the fall we will send you a short questionnaire to ask what compliance, audit, and ethics issues are on your mind. We then usually have two conference calls with the advisory board, first to solicit more direct feedback from you, and second to review a preliminary agenda we draft based on the first call. That’s pretty much it. We will pull together our advisory board in June and July, and start early work by September. Usually all the board’s work is done by December.

Q: What do I get in exchange?

A: Advisory board members are listed and thanked on our conference website and our printed program, and are eligible for a 50 percent discount to attend CW 2016 (plus discounts for other colleagues you might want to bring with you to CW 2016). I have also been known to give high-fives and free drinks to advisory board members who attend the conference itself.

Q: Do you want me to be from any specific industry?

A: No. In fact, we prefer to have an advisory board that represents a diverse range of industries, professional disciplines (compliance officers, audit executives, risk officers, privacy gurus, and so forth), and company sizes. Even those of you from smaller reporting companies, nonprofits, or government agencies—we want you too. If you work in compliance, that’s the key.

Q: If I serve on the advisory board, do I get to speak at CW 2016?

A: We would be happy to talk with any advisory board member about speaking at our conference if that’s something you would like to do, but in no way are you required to speak. I’ll just say that speaking is wicked fun to do, and not nearly as stressful as you might fear.

Q: OK, I fit the profile and I’m interested. What do I do next?

A: You can email me at or send me a message on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon!