Organizations are facing a wide range of new business reporting needs, and these changes are being driven by external factors just as much as internal factors. The amount of structured and unstructured data being introduced to reporting cycles is increasing at an exponential rate. The challenges imposed by this data, in addition to changing regulatory requirements, have the ability to create difficult situations.

These obstacles are best addressed with a purpose-built solution—one that is agile enough to handle new business inputs, structural changes, or business requirements, all while supporting internal communication and collaboration.

In this white paper from IDC, you'll read about the specific reporting processes that benefit from a cloud-based reporting solution and how it solves those challenges. You'll also see the checklist you should have when researching solutions—including the questions you need to ask at your company when determining what type of support is needed.

The white paper also offers case studies, where you'll see what other organizations have already learned from making the switch and how they put the cloud to use.

Get the information you need to modernize your business reporting.