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  • David Lefort

    Companies deserve a break on rushed CCPA compliance


    The CCPA has been rushed from the start, says CW Editor in Chief Dave Lefort, who believes the California attorney general’s plan to give leniency for companies making good-faith efforts is the right call.

  • HuiChen

    CW2019 clip: Hui Chen keynote


    Compliance and ethics pioneer Hui Chen comments on employee training overload in this excerpt from her keynote at Compliance Week’s 2019 annual conference in Washington D.C.

  • HuiChen

    Compliance pioneer defines the future path of profession


    Compliance functions of the future need to better use data, measure outcomes, and deal with differing views on what constitutes good ethics, says expert Hui Chen.

  • chen

    The voice of reason: Q&A with Hui Chen


    Renowned ethics and compliance expert Hui Chen discusses true compliance training, what integrity really means, and how compliance can earn its seat at the table at the top of an organization.

  • Blog post

    How Hui Chen prompted an evolution in compliance at the DoJ


    Hui Chen’s time as compliance counsel at the DoJ’s Fraud Section was short and eventful and did a lot to move the needle on how the DoJ views corporate compliance programs.

  • Article

    Ethics and compliance in United States takes global stage


    What do the recent resignations of Walter Shaub, director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, and Department of Justice Compliance Counsel Hui Chen mean for the ethics and compliance community?

  • Blog post

    Department of Justice seeks new compliance counsel


    Legal and compliance professionals interested in joining the Department of Justice’s Fraud Section for the compliance counsel job have until June 27 to apply. The Fraud Section is on the lookout for a new compliance counsel to replace Hui Chen, the first person to ever assume the role.

  • Blog post

    Tip of the (compliance) hat to Hui Chen


    A look at Hui Chen’s career at the Department of Justice, serving as the compliance counsel and, most importantly, putting the compliance function front and center in the fight against FCPA violations.