Human Trafficking

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    The reputation-shredding scourge of human trafficking


    Recent headlines, sparked by a billionaire’s alleged bad choices, should serve as a reminder of the brand damage companies could face from their involvement in human trafficking and the use, intentional or otherwise, of slave and child labor.

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    DoJ: Seized Website was a hotbed of sex, trafficking, money laundering


    The Justice Department this week seized, an online forum for prostitution ads, including those related to child trafficking. Days later, President Trump signed into law a bill that carves away one-time legal protections for such sites.

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    After six years, bill to combat human trafficking inches closer to law


    The Senate passed the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 97-2. The bill, part of a six-year effort, ammends the Communications Decency Act to allow for the reporting of potential indicators of slavery..

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    Hearing assesses link between human trafficking, U.S. financial markets


    The House Financial Services Committee held a hearing this week to solicit expert opinion on how human traffickers exploit U.S. financial markets and what more can be done to strike back.

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    Labor Dept. devotes $60M in fight against human trafficking


    The Department of Labor is doling out nearly $60 million in grants to promote labor law enforcement and help end exploitative labor practices in 25 of the United State's trade partner countries.

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    Senate advances human trafficking bills, debates Communications Decency Act


    Bills aiming to keep human trafficking off the nation’s roadways roadways passed in the Senate this week. Next up: a legislative effort seeking to attack the problem of Internet-facilitated human trafficking, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017.

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    Australia mulls Modern Slavery Act


    ‘Land Down Under’ formalizes efforts to attack supply chain slavery issues and human trafficking.

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    Bipartisan bill targets human trafficking


    Recently filed, bipartisan legislation seeks to further engage and empower financial institutions when it comes to identifying and reporting suspicions of human trafficking.

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    Beyond complying with the Modern Slavery Act


    Companies troubling over how to report due diligence procedures on eliminating human trafficking under the U.K. Modern Slavery Act have been given some help. A new guide from U.K.-based civil society organizations advises companies on how to embed such procedures into their reports. Although the reports are certainly important, says ...

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    New law adds to forced labor concerns


    In recent weeks, companies have learned—some the hard way—that the government is getting even more serious about human trafficking and forced labor issues. While a new law targets international trade, potentially blocking forbidden products at the U.S. border, an expanding view of joint-employer arrangements is also causing concern for domestic ...