In the wake of the high-profile sexual harassment and assault allegations surfacing in recent weeks, it’s clear that a one-size-fits all approach to sexual harassment training doesn’t cut it anymore. True Office Learning data shows that employees understand Workplace Harassment concepts better than any other compliance course... so how do you overcome the fact that more than half of women say they been sexually harassed in the workplace? Training data can uncover willful misconduct.

With adaptive, scenario-based sexual harassment training, you can ensure each employee reaches 100% proficiency, but because of the rich data available in our Analytics Portal, if you do have an incident of misconduct it is possible to extract data that shows the individual performed well in their training scenarios, but chose to behave poorly.

Pulse measures the decisions each learner makes throughout their training journey, so that you can identify and address inappropriate behaviors that could put your organization at risk and understand where willful conduct may or may not have occurred. See the results from the Top 5 Most Challenging Activities in our Pulse Sexual Harassment Cross-Industry Performance report. True Office Learning is ready to help your organization deliver adaptive, measurable training. Learn how.