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    IFAC: Strong support for international accounting standards


    A first-of-its-kind report from the International Federation of Accountants shows “strong and sustained support” for both the adoption and implementation of international standards. 

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    Global body reboots ethics rules for accountants


    Accountants globally have some revised ethics rules to follow, which should prompt an examination in the United States over whether there are new thresholds to meet.

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    Groups propose new structure for global auditing standards


    A group of international regulators and financial institutions is proposing a new mechanism to set standards for auditing in global capital markets.

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    IFAC calls on G-20 to support international standards


    The International Federation of Accountants is pitching the G-20 to make a plug for international accounting and auditing standards when they meet in September. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    OECD Updates Views on Governance


    The OECD has received an earful about proposed revisions to its principles of corporate governance, guidelines it encourages countries to adopt much the way they already follow its principles for anti-corruption. Some say the revisions dwell too much on company-level reforms, and not enough at the country-level to allow flexible ...