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    Profession rolls out more guidance for internal audit


    Tammy Whitehouse explores new guidance and intelligence that has emerged recently on how internal audit can raise its game in the face of rising regulatory expectations and market demands.

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    Inside the struggle to define, measure, and manage corporate culture


    An organization’s culture is an important cornerstone of any compliance effort, but it remains a notoriously slippery thing. Experts at the Compliance Week 2016 conference provided their insights on how to better define culture so it can be adequately managed and measured. Tammy Whitehouse has more.

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    To be a great internal auditor, be a great communicator


    For internal audit leaders to deliver the most value to their audit committees, they need to develop a suite of skills that are not always stressed as being part of the audit profession. But without great communication and presentation skills to present their findings, auditors can’t be truly great at ...

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    Internal audit joins the fight against cyber-threats


    As organizations face ever-increasing cyber-security threats, experts are prodding internal auditors to get more involved in at least identifying the risks, even if they aren’t information technology experts. Basic compliance practices can significantly reduce a company’s cyber-exposure, but it needs somebody to drive the effort.

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    Internal audit intelligence calls for elevated service levels


    Image: At a recent Institute of Internal Auditors conference, audit executives heard the early returns from the annual IIA Common Body of Knowledge study that suggest North American audit stakeholders would welcome more help in identifying strategic risks. Brian Christensen, executive vice president at consulting firm Protiviti, which assisted with ...

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    IIA offers advice on talent management in new report


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors has issued a white paper to motivate staff auditors to tackle heightened expectations from audit stakeholders. It provides five strategies for performance management tailored to internal audit and promises to help CAEs set goals, retain talent, equip employees, assess performance, and respond to success. ...

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    Third-party risk is "next frontier" in cyber war, Home Depot IA leader says


    Third-party risk represents the “next frontier” in the ongoing cyber war, says Kelly Barrett vice president of internal audit and corporate compliance at Home Depot, where she navigated a cyber breach like it was “a blow to the head” and now tells the story of how the entity faced the ...

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    How internal audit can help drive corporate culture


    Traditional notions of audit are focused on verifying quantified data, but can audit provide that same benefit in the ether space of business, verifying the presence or absence of intangible characteristics? The internal audit profession is starting to believe it is possible, and its leaders are calling on audit executives ...

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    Surveys, papers provide plenty of advice for internal auditors


    Image: In a survey from KPMG and Forbes of more than 400 CFOs and audit committee members nearly 60 percent said they would welcome help in assessing risks and risk-managing practices, but only 22 percent said they get that from internal audit; 36 percent said they would like to see ...

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    IIA calls for bold moves in latest "Pulse" report


    Internal audit leaders are becoming alarmed with their latest survey results that suggest the internal audit profession is not moving as nimbly as they’d like to address emerging business risks. A report from the Institute of Internal Auditors says 89 percent of organizations polled see prevention and education as the ...

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    IIA Seeks to Raise Bar on Internal Audit Practices


    The Institute of Internal Auditors is proposing a change to its professional practice standards to give internal auditors some new guidance in light of evolving business demands. The IIA says the proposed changes are focused on enhancing existing standards on communications and quality assurance, and creating new standards addressing objectivity ...

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    Internal Audit Needs to Better Measure Performance, IIA Says


    Internal audit departments might better demonstrate the value they bring to public companies if they had a more robust way of measuring their own performance.

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    Doty Projects Year-End Completion of Engagement Partner ID


    Image: More than a decade after regulators began mulling how to give some transparency to investors around who actually performs public company audits, PCAOB Chairman James Doty said he is hopeful that the board is on track to “get this done by the end of the year.” Doty recently said ...

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    IIA Reports Calls Internal Auditors to Better Leverage Technology


    Image: A recent report from the Institute of Internal Auditors found that nearly 40 percent of audit departments worldwide are getting their arms around technology at what they consider to be appropriate levels. However, the study also found only one in 10 internal auditors entering the profession has education in ...

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    New IIA Framework Pushes Audit Executives to Think Forward


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors has unveiled its new professional practices framework, guidance intended to drive auditors to think more critically about risk management and organizational improvement. “It’s about making sure we understand the changes taking place in business and learning to use those to our advantage,” says Larry ...

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    IIA to Push More Flexible Internal Audit Planning


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors will unveil an overhaul of its professional practices framework this summer, including a push for audit executives to be more flexible in their audit planning. Whether that means a “rolling audit plan,” contingency funds for surprise risks, or other methods, many say the idea’s ...

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    Audit Voices Try to Calm Tensions on Evidence


    Image: Leaders of the auditing world are calling for a truce in arguments between internal and external auditors over how much evidence external auditors should collect themselves while scrutinizing internal controls—and are calling on audit committees to intervene earlier to prevent such disputes. “Essential value will be lost if external ...

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    Why Is Cyber-Security a Process? This Is Why.


    Image: Everyone stresses the importance of looking at cyber-security as a process. Well—why, exactly? How does viewing cyber-security that way help compliance and audit executives? Because, Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly writes, cyber-threats are equally about building effective processes—to subvert yours. And until we appreciate the nature of cyber-risks, he ...

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    Survey: Internal Audit Gaining Ground on Cyber-Risks


    Image: Protiviti’s recent survey of more than 800 internal audit professionals reports that half of respondents said a cyber-security evaluation is included in their current audit plan, and 60 percent of those organizations use the National Institute of Standards and Technology cyber-security framework to evaluate risks. Protiviti EVP Brian Christensen ...