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    SEC wants updated reporting for life insurance contracts


    Firms offering variable annuities and variable life insurance contracts could soon face new disclosure requirements. Changes proposed by the SEC would permit the use of a summary prospectus to provide disclosures to investors.

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    N.Y. regulator fines NRA-branded insurance provider


    New York’s Department of Financial Services has announced that Lockton Affinity and its parent company will pay a $7 million fine for serving as the administrator of the National Rifle Association-branded “Carry Guard” insurance program.

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    Prudential Financial’s Lee Augsburger and the power of culture


    When you’re one of the world’s biggest insurance companies, embracing cultural difference is key to creating a truly global compliance program that delivers results.

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    IASB issues big change in accounting for insurance contracts


    The IASB has issued new standard on how to account for insurance contracts, considered among the most significant changes ever made to international accounting rules.

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    FASB pushes change to accounting for long-duration insurance


    FASB has proposed a big change in accounting for insurance companies that deal in long-duration contracts like life insurance, annuities, disability, and long-term care. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Fed proposes more ‘bank-like’ capital & risk standards for insurance companies


    Insurance companies are increasingly targeted with bank-like regulation and oversight. The latest development: proposals by the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors for new capital and risk management standards for systemically important insurance companies and those that own a bank or thrift. Joe Mont reports.

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    U.S., EU will negotiate insurance regulation pact


    A bilateral agreement on insurance and reinsurance regulations between the United States and European Union is another step closer to reality. On Tuesday, a statement from the U.S. Treasury Department and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced plans to begin negotiating a covered agreement and regulatory framework with ...

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    Insurance Companies Face New Scrutiny and Bank-Like Regulation


    Image: Insurance firms are in an identity crisis these days: Regulators are treating them like banks. While insurers are trying to resist that, regulators themselves still struggle with how to make sense of the global jumble of rules, requirements, and risk generated by large firms. “There are a lot of ...

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    Global Tax Overhaul Moves Forward


    Slowly but surely, developed nations are closing ranks on an international tax agreement intended to crack down global companies parking profits in low-tax jurisdictions. The OECD issued its final recommendations, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) plan, earlier this month, which G-20 countries will then implement locally. Nice idea in ...