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    IIA guidance digs into big data risks, opportunities


    Big data represents both a growing risk and a growing resource for internal auditors, prompting the IIA to offer new guidance to address it and leverage it.

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    Internal auditors show signs of taking up data analytics


    Internal audit shops are buzzing over data analytics, with more audit leaders planning to adopt or expand their use across the scope of their audit work.

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    Latest internal audit studies suggest path forward for leaders


    The latest crop of internal audit studies reveal some promising insights into the trajectory of the profession and strategies to undertake on the path forward.

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    Newest internal audit poll calls for focus on disruption


    If there’s a point to internal audit beyond fulfilling a compliance requirement, it seems as if corporate America is still trying to figure it out.

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    New IIA Pulse report will focus on overlooked risks


    An upcoming report from the Institute of Internal Auditors will tell audit executives to turn their attention to overlooked risks as a way to win more confidence.

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    Companies get proactive to control audit costs, report says


    Companies are mitigating increases in audit fees, and in some cases are even reducing audit costs, using some key tactics outlined in a new report. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    Internet of Things’ role in internal audit & compliance


    How can internal audit support disruptive opportunities while monitoring for emerging risks coming from the Internet of Things? Columnist Jose Tabuena discusses these challenges.

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    Even CAEs see need for change, latest poll shows


    It’s not just regulators or professional associations calling the internal audit profession to transformation. Even chief audit executives in the trenches recognize the internal audit function needs to evolve to remain relevant, according to a recent Deloitte study that surveyed 1,200 CAEs worldwide to get a pulse on the state ...

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    FERF report spotlights audit possibilities via technology


    For companies still struggling to get their arms around financial compliance, especially with respect to internal control over financial reporting, technology may provide the answer, according to the Financial Executives Research Foundation. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Profession rolls out more guidance for internal audit


    Tammy Whitehouse explores new guidance and intelligence that has emerged recently on how internal audit can raise its game in the face of rising regulatory expectations and market demands.

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    Internal audit faces more change, technology, papers say


    A pair of recent white papers by Big 4 firms suggest transformation for the internal audit profession is far from finished. In, fact, some of the biggest changes in store for the profession may still be around the bend.EY focuses its attention specifically on internal auditors in financial services, where ...

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    Internal audit: an unlikely driver for corporate culture


    As regulators such as FINRA increasingly view culture as a factor when determining wrongdoing and punishment, building a strong culture is taking center stage. Jose Tabuena reports.

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    ISACA provides guide to planning an information system audit


    Internal auditors looking to get more involved in information systems audits can turn to a new white paper titled Information Systems Auditing Tools and Techniques: Creating Audit Programs, from ISACA, a global global association of professionals focused on IS audit and control. The paper outlines five steps auditors should take ...

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    Internal audit intelligence calls for elevated service levels


    Image: At a recent Institute of Internal Auditors conference, audit executives heard the early returns from the annual IIA Common Body of Knowledge study that suggest North American audit stakeholders would welcome more help in identifying strategic risks. Brian Christensen, executive vice president at consulting firm Protiviti, which assisted with ...

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    IIA offers advice on talent management in new report


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors has issued a white paper to motivate staff auditors to tackle heightened expectations from audit stakeholders. It provides five strategies for performance management tailored to internal audit and promises to help CAEs set goals, retain talent, equip employees, assess performance, and respond to success. ...

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    Third-party risk is "next frontier" in cyber war, Home Depot IA leader says


    Third-party risk represents the “next frontier” in the ongoing cyber war, says Kelly Barrett vice president of internal audit and corporate compliance at Home Depot, where she navigated a cyber breach like it was “a blow to the head” and now tells the story of how the entity faced the ...

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    Cyber-security storms internal audit plans, poll finds


    A new survey from Protiviti of 1,300 internal audit professionals shows that companies have made big progress in the past year integrating cyber-security risk into internal audit plans. Nearly three out of every four organizations include cyber-security risk in their internal audit plans, according to the poll, up from only ...

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    Surveys, papers provide plenty of advice for internal auditors


    Image: In a survey from KPMG and Forbes of more than 400 CFOs and audit committee members nearly 60 percent said they would welcome help in assessing risks and risk-managing practices, but only 22 percent said they get that from internal audit; 36 percent said they would like to see ...

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    IIA calls for bold moves in latest "Pulse" report


    Internal audit leaders are becoming alarmed with their latest survey results that suggest the internal audit profession is not moving as nimbly as they’d like to address emerging business risks. A report from the Institute of Internal Auditors says 89 percent of organizations polled see prevention and education as the ...

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    IIA Seeks to Raise Bar on Internal Audit Practices


    The Institute of Internal Auditors is proposing a change to its professional practice standards to give internal auditors some new guidance in light of evolving business demands. The IIA says the proposed changes are focused on enhancing existing standards on communications and quality assurance, and creating new standards addressing objectivity ...