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    IIA Offers Latest Intelligence on Outsourcing Functions


    As talent and staffing challenges persist for the internal audit profession, 43 percent of public companies other than those in financial services reached outside the organization for help, according to the latest data from the Institute of Internal Auditors. Financial institutions, public and private alike, make the greatest use of ...

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    What Does Good Compliance Look Like? Internal Audit Can Help


    Board audit committees and compliance professionals should review new compliance guidance provided in a recent speech by assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell, chief of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division. Along with the DoJ’s appointment of a “compliance counsel” this guidance presented so-called “metrics” to apply when evaluating programs ...

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    IT Audit Executives Struggle With Pace of Change, Survey Shows


    Image: Rapid innovation, disruption, and growth in cyber-security risks are the biggest technology challenges for IT auditors, a survey from ISACA and Protiviti says. Managing Director David Brand says, “IT audit professionals have recognized the need to grow their knowledge and expertise while also updating their policies, processes, people, and ...

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    Internal Audit Needs to Better Measure Performance, IIA Says


    Internal audit departments might better demonstrate the value they bring to public companies if they had a more robust way of measuring their own performance.

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    Managing Outside Counsel: How Internal Audit Can Assist


    Litigation and compliance risk brings something else beyond headaches: legal fees. The internal audit team can help there, even with tricky tasks such as monitoring the performance of outside counsel while they conduct an investigation. Inside, columnist Jose Tabuena offers recommendations on benchmarking what internal audit can do, analytics to ...

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    Cooper Standard Appoints VP of Internal Audit and Compliance


    Cooper-Standard Holdings, the parent company of Cooper-Standard Automotive, announced this month that it has appointed Peter Brusate to vice president of internal audit and compliance, effective Oct. 12. In this position, Brusate will oversee Cooper Standard's global internal audit and compliance activities. Details inside.

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    IIA Reports Calls Internal Auditors to Better Leverage Technology


    Image: A recent report from the Institute of Internal Auditors found that nearly 40 percent of audit departments worldwide are getting their arms around technology at what they consider to be appropriate levels. However, the study also found only one in 10 internal auditors entering the profession has education in ...

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    New IIA Framework Pushes Audit Executives to Think Forward


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors has unveiled its new professional practices framework, guidance intended to drive auditors to think more critically about risk management and organizational improvement. “It’s about making sure we understand the changes taking place in business and learning to use those to our advantage,” says Larry ...

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    Internal Auditors Get Revised Global Framework to Govern Practice


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors has unveiled the latest enhancements to its nearly 70-year-old framework that governs the internal audit profession globally. Larry Harrington, senior vice chairman of the IIA’s global board, says the updates are intended to strengthen the position of internal audit as a key player in ...

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    PCAOB Considers Standard on Using Specialists’ Work


    Image: The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has issued a staff consultation paper looking for input on whether and how to revise standards around the auditor’s use of the work of specialists. PCAOB Chairman James Doty said, “We want our standards to keep pace with the realities in the marketplace, ...

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    Compliance Leaders Like Three Lines of Defense


    Image: At Compliance Week’s annual conference this week, Jose Tabuena, chief compliance officer for NextHealth, advocated for the three lines of defense model. “I’ve worked with the accounting firms and those working with the COSO framework, and I find three lines of defense easier to explain,” he said. “The board ...

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    IIA to Push More Flexible Internal Audit Planning


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors will unveil an overhaul of its professional practices framework this summer, including a push for audit executives to be more flexible in their audit planning. Whether that means a “rolling audit plan,” contingency funds for surprise risks, or other methods, many say the idea’s ...

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    Internal Audit Wrestles With Pace of Change, Survey Suggests


    A PwC poll suggests internal audit still struggles to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the business environment. Nearly 70 percent of organizations said they are going through or have recently gone through a significant transformation in the business, yet only 11 percent of chief audit executives ...

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    Report Spotlights the Underbelly of ‘Audit Politics’


    Image: A new report finds corporate political pressure on chief audit executives to alter audit plans or results is “extensive and pervasive,” and it underlines the need for audit professionals to master the art of office politics. “We were really surprised by the extent of pressure,” says Larry Rittenberg, co-author ...

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    Audit Voices Try to Calm Tensions on Evidence


    Image: Leaders of the auditing world are calling for a truce in arguments between internal and external auditors over how much evidence external auditors should collect themselves while scrutinizing internal controls—and are calling on audit committees to intervene earlier to prevent such disputes. “Essential value will be lost if external ...

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    Regulator Roasts Fannie Mae’s CAE Selection


    The Federal Housing Finance Agency has provided a primer for corporate audit committees on how not to appoint and manage a chief audit executive. The FHFA’s inspector general has released a detailed report criticizing Fannie Mae’s selection of a chief audit executive in 2013, calling the audit committee’s process “far ...

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    Survey: Internal Audit Gaining Ground on Cyber-Risks


    Image: Protiviti’s recent survey of more than 800 internal audit professionals reports that half of respondents said a cyber-security evaluation is included in their current audit plan, and 60 percent of those organizations use the National Institute of Standards and Technology cyber-security framework to evaluate risks. Protiviti EVP Brian Christensen ...

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    Latest GRC Survey Shows Disconnect on Risk


    Yet more findings—these from Grant Thornton—reveal that audit committees and chief audit executives differ on priorities. According to the survey, audit committees rank financial risk as most important for internal audit, followed by compliance, operational, and strategic risks. CAEs, however, give compliance risk top billing, followed by operational, financial, and ...

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    Survey: Audit Execs’ Cyber-Fears Run Deep


    Image: Nearly 7 in 10 internal audit leaders participating in the IIA’s annual “Pulse of Internal Audit” survey ranked cyber-attacks and other security issues as a major concern, but only about one-third said they have high confidence in their organizations’ ability to address such risks. IIA President Richard Chambers says ...

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    Where Internal Audit Can Help in Cyber-Security


    Image: With yet another huge data breach hitting Corporate America—add insurance giant Anthem to the Hall of Shame—internal audit departments are trying to pinpoint what expertise they can bring to the company’s cyber-security risk assessment. Plenty, many audit executives say. “There are technical aspects of these projects, but regardless of ...