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    NAVEX Global: Top 10 compliance trends for 2020


    A recent Webinar, and complementary report, from NAVEX Global offers a look at the top 10 risk and compliance trends for 2020.

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    Loss of trust and internal investigations


    If your stakeholders do not trust you, they will not confide in you in a meaningful manner. Many commentators talk about business ethics, but it may all start with business trust.

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    What is your investigation protocol?


    If you follow this basic protocol from The Man From FCPA, you should be able to work through most investigations, in a clear, concise and cost-effective manner.

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    Non-monetary and indirect cost of a FCPA investigation


    The Man From FCPA recently spoke with Dan Chapman, CEO of Presyse Compliance, about his experience with the non-monetary costs and indirect costs of a major FCPA investigations.

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    Forget Comey, what about Borbély and Eckert?


    As FIFA quietly gets rid of the bulk of its ethics committee, it would appear that the agency’s internal reform efforts have come to an end in questionable fashion.

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    Don’t go it alone: working with other functions


    During a panel discussion at Compliance Week 2016, ethics and compliance officers came together to discuss both the challenges and opportunities associated with working with other functions and how to minimize turf wars and silos while enhancing the compliance program. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    Yates Memo, D&O Coverage, and the Coverage Gap


    One consequence of the Yates Memo that has not received as much attention is whether current directors-and-officers liability insurance provides appropriate insurance coverage for the legal expenses incurred by executives who might go through an internal investigation. The answer may well be no; Tom Fox has more inside.

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    Flying the Unfriendly Skies of Investigations and Resignations


    Image: Title: SmisekRarely in compliance do you see a CEO resignation as unceremonious as the ouster earlier this week of now former head of United-Continental, Jeff Smisek (left). While his removal doesn’t involve foreign government officials—only local ones at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey—it does provide ...

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    Refresher Course on Discipline of Good Investigations


    Image: The damage wrought by inept internal investigations can go well beyond wasted time and money; they can cause civil litigation, enforcement risk, and bad publicity. This week we have a refresher on principles for good internal investigations, something every compliance officer must know how to do well. “Ninety percent ...

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    Podcast: Internal Investigation Lessons From the NFL


    Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens attacked his fiancée in an elevator. Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is in a protracted battle over whether he had game balls underinflated. In our latest podcast, we talk to Timothy McConnell, co-chair of the labor & employment practice at law firm Baker Donelson, ...

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    Internal Investigations Increasingly Falling on Audit Committees' Plate


    A growing number of audit committees are finding themselves in charge of overseeing internal investigations, and some may be ill-prepared to take on the duty.A recent report from EY and law firm Squire Sanders says more than 70 percent of all public companies undertake some kind of internal investigation. “With ...