Jumio uses computer vision technology, machine learning and live verification experts to verify credentials (e.g., passports, drivers licenses, etc.) issued by over 200 countries. Their technology powers businesses with scalable, secure and compliant identity verification, which enables them to build and sustain trust in an increasingly unsafe digital world. Jumio is widely considered to be the largest and most accurate solution in the market and used by leading companies in the financial services, sharing economy, retail, travel, blockchain and online gaming sectors.

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    e-Book: Riding California’s Wave of Regulatory Developments

    2019-06-03T15:22:00Provided by

    California has not only been on the forefront of emerging technologies, it’s also been the most active state when it comes to regulating that new tech, especially when it comes to data privacy.

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    The Massive Overlap between Digital Identity and KYC, AML & GDPR

    2018-08-14T14:00:00Provided by

    Accurately verifying an online customer and ensuring that they are who they claim to be is an increasing challenge and headache for compliance officers on many levels. Non-compliance is a significant regulatory risk, new GDPR-like legislation is creating new requirements for data privacy and protection, and it’s becoming increasing difficult ...