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    Franchise owners pressure Congress on joint employer standard


    Franchise business owners from 19 states have joined forces to demand clarity on joint employee status, fearing that federal, state, and judicial interpretations may differ. In letters to Congress, they also demand the passage of legislation to provide related assurances.

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    Bill would strip NLRB of prosecutorial powers


    Recent legislation, gaining Republican support, would limit the power of the NLRB. It would be able to conduct investigations, but not be allowed to prosecute them.

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    Companies applaud NLRB's retreat from 'joint employer' guidance


    The Department of Labor has withdrawn one of its most controversial actions of the Obama Administration, guidance that made many companies responsible for labor violations committed by independent franchisees and third parties.

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    Senate confirms Alexander Acosta as Secretary of Labor


    After months of debate and the withdrawal of President Trump’s first nominee, R. Alexander Acosta has been confirmed by the Senate as the nation’s new Secretary of Labor.

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    Court pumps brakes on Labor Department’s overtime rule


    New federal overtime requirements for white-collar workers are in doubt following a nationwide injunction imposed by a federal judge, writes Joe Mont.

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    Federal judge halts Labor Department's 'persuader' rule


    Calling the rule an impermissible intrusion upon attorney-client privilege, a federal judge in Texas has granted a permanent injunction against the Department of Labor's so called “persuader” rule. More from Joe Mont.

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    NLRB Push Forces Rethinking of Social Media Policies


    Through numerous rulings last year, the National Labor Relations Board reshaped the boundaries of acceptable social media policies companies can impose on employees. The result: an unsettling world where, yes, employees might be allowed to curse a manager or to use corporate e-mail to raise pro-union sentiments. Compliance officers might ...